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    ANS Legato Pedicure Chair

    Brand: ANS
    Seller: US Pedicure Spa
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    Give your salon a vibrant and colorful atmosphere with the stylish ANS Legato.

    The ANS Legato is a custom-made, wooden pedicure spa that features a unique neon lighting system. Impress your customers with the modern looks and Zen style of this custom-designed pedicure spa.

    This sharp pedicure spa is acetone-resistant and includes a protective gel-coating that guards the spa and sink from rust and corrosion.

    The ANS Legato features a remote-controlled neon light system, an adjustable footrest, polished chrome hardware, stainless steel shower hose, built-in LED color therapy light, FREE matching pedicure stool.

    In addition, optional drain pumps are available and can be installed onto your spa.

    The ANS Legato also includes a premium ANS massage chair of your choice.

    The newly-released Legato V Vented Pedicure Spa comes equipped with two powerful vents that filter nearby toxins and fumes. The vents satisfy new state board requirements and keep your customers feeling safe and protected from harmful dust.

    This stunning pedicure pa features a unique neon-light system that changes colors with the press of a button. The Legato V will give your salon a trendy and vibrant atmosphere as well as improve the air quality and overall health of your business.

    The Legato V is available in multiple custom wood laminate finishes and is carefully hand-crafted by our expert carpenters. In addition, the name of your salon can be engraved onto the front of the Legato V, making each spa unique and original. Each Legato V  is made-to-order following your specifications.

    For convenience, the Legato V has removable front and side panels for easy access to the interior of the pedicure spa. The Legato V also comes equipped with a powerful ANS Liner Jet for a soothing whirlpool effect. 

    Each Legato V features a fiberglass sink bowl of the color of your choice; an adjustable waterproof, fiberglass footrest; an easy-to-control, front-mounted faucet; a pullout, multifunction shower head; an embedded LED light color therapy; free matching pedicure stool.

    Each Legato V includes a genuine Human Touch Massage Chair. Human Touch massage chairs come in a variety of colors and are made with soft, marine-grade leather.

    Human Touch is the #1 massage chair brand in the USA and is featured in thousands of salons nationwide.

    One-year warranty.

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