Electrical Boxes

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Gulfstream GS4000 control box with air hose and air button

Gulfstream GS4000 Control Box

3 outlet connectors
Gulfstream GS4000T control box with built-in timer, free air hose and button

Gulfstream GS4000 Timer Control Box Kit

3 outlet connectors with timer
one outlet connector Gulfstream GS4001 Control Box

Gulfstream GS4001 Control Box

Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 10 in
Gulfstream GS4002 control box with built-in timer

Gulfstream GS4002 Timer Control Box

Timer to stop device from overheating
GS4003 Auto-fill Control Box For Gulfstream Pedicure Chair

Gulfstream GS4003 Auto-fill Control Box

Auto-fill control box
220 volts to 110 volts Gulfstream GS8028 Step Down Transformer

Gulfstream GS8028 Step Down Transformer

Step down transformer from 220v to 110v