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    Lexor Elite Pedicure Chair

    Brand: Lexor
    2-Year Limited Warranty | Digital Control System | Auto-fill System
    • Sandstone
    • White Pearl
      White Pearl
    • White Pearl / Espresso
      White Pearl / Espresso
    • Aurora LED Color-Changing Bowl
      Aurora LED Color-Changing Bowl
    • Cola
    • Glacier Blue
      Glacier Blue
    • Glacier Gold
      Glacier Gold
    • Opal
    • Crimson
    • Noir
    • Platinum
    • Cola
    • Glacier Blue
      Glacier Blue
    • Glacier Gold
      Glacier Gold
    • Opal
    • Crimson
    • Noir
    • Platinum
    Old price: $2,995.00
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    Elite Pedicure Spa Chair

    Guarantee all of your customers a luxurious experience with the Elite Pedicure Spa Chair that comes with a shiatsu massage system, pipeless jets, and which has an ergonomic design. As your customers enjoy a calming massage, they can either put their feet up on the padded footrest, or they can take advantage of the footbath.

    When ordering this spa chair, you’ll have the chance to choose a colour scheme for the chair that matches your salon as well as selecting whether or not you want the chair to be fitted with a gravity drain. Due to the pipeless jets your employees don’t have to do as much cleaning and can simply replace the basin’s liner!

          • Lexor Ultra-leatherUltraleather

            An elegant balance of comfort, quality, and durability, Ultraleather® is tougher than genuine leather and has superior resistance to peeling, punctures, and rips. Ultraleather® can be cleaned with acetone, alcohol, bleach, common industrial cleaners, and is virtually stain-resistant.

          • Lexor's Aurora LED Color-Changing Bowl4 Heated Rollers

            Color is one of the languages of the soul; it has the power to influence our mood and emotions and impact our sense of well-being. Set the tone in your salon with Aurora™, an LED color-changing bowl that illuminates 7 different colors turning your salon into an array of beauty.

          • Lexor's Tru-touch massage systemTru-touch Massage System

            Ensure clients leave your salon fully pampered with a most human-like massage that combines pressure point control, kneading, tapping, and vibration to improve blood circulation, alleviate pain and restore and maintain the body's energy.

          • Lexor's auto-fill systemHeated Knee Therapy

            Auto-Fill™ allows technicians the freedom to start another client while finishing on their current client all without worries of overflow. With one simple touch, water fills to the sensor level, shuts off automatically, and activates Ecojet® whirlpool. Auto-Fill™ also works with disposable liners.

          • Lexor's Digital Control SystemDigital Control System

            This Smart system allows for total control of the pedispa without disturbing your client. Functions to adjust the seat, turn on Tru-Touch™ massage, and set the aura in your salon are all at your fingertips.

          • Lexor's Ecojet magnetic driveEcojet Magnetic Drive

            Distinctively designed to operate stronger, quieter and cooler to withstand long hours of usage in a typical nail salon. Ecojet is UL listed and backed with 2 U.S. utility patents giving you and your clients confidence in having a sanitary and relaxing pedicure service.

          • Lexor's Calf SupportCalf Support

            A true design with technicians in mind. The ergonomic calf support eases strain on the client and technician, creating a more enjoyable and comfortable experience.

          • Lexor's removable neck pillowRemovable Neck Pillow

            Enveloped in premium Ultraleather® Linen, this feature adds extra comfort and support to an already luxurious experience.

          • Lexor's Ecojet disposable linerEcojet Disposable Liner

            Your clients will appreciate the extra care taken to bring them a more sanitary experience from using disposable liners.

          • Lexor's EcoAir Ventilation SystemVentillation System

            Easily attach your salon ventilation system into pedi-spas and nail stations with the aesthetic and functional EcoAir™.


    • 2-Year Limited Warranty

    • Includes Deluxe Technician Pedicure Stool (matching cushion color and adjustable height)

    • Fully Functioning Power Seats

    • Remote Control (controls seats and massage system)

    • Designed Seat with Lumbar and Neck Support

    • Comfort Lexor Pillow

    • Chrome Accents

    • Liner Hooks

    • Construction: Marble Composite, High Gloss, Acetone-proof Gel Coat

    • Marble Footrest

    • Foldable Manicure Trays with Removable Cup Holders

    • Lift-up Armrest for Easy Access

    • Purse/Handbag Hook

    • Unbreakable Gel Bowl

    • Acetone Resistant Laminated Base and Bowl

    • Extendable Water Spray Positioned well above Water Line, Air Gap is Accommodated with Back-flow Prevention

    • Industry's Best Customer Service

    • Elite Pedicure Spa is UL Listed

    • 1Ultraleather® is a Registered Trademark of Ultrafabrics®


    • L 54" x W 32" x H 56"

    • L 74" when Fully Reclined

    • W 48" Maximum Width of Spa Chair (measured from tray to tray)

    • Water Capacity: 4 Gallons

    • Weight: 220 lbs

    • Jet Motor: 120VAC at 85W 60Hz Massage Motors, Seat Sliding & Reclining: 24VDC, 2.5A x 5

    • Discharge Pump: Motor - 120V at 85W 60Hz

    • Maximum Vertical Lift: 3 ft.

    • Flow Rate: 500 GPH @ Floor Level

    • Power Source: 115VAC, 60Hz, 15A

    • Power needed per Spa Chair: 6 Amps

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