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    Osaki OS-7200CR Massage Chair

    Brand: Osaki
    Seller: Deallock
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    Old price: $5,895.00
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    3D S-track Massage Technology

    Osaki OS-7200CR 3D roller technology

    Experience the most humanlike massage from Osaki. The newly enhanced 3D massage designed to massage wider and deeper than the conventional massage rollers. The 3D technology allows you to extend out the massage heads up to 8 cm for an intense deep massage. The 3D technology has intensity levels from 1 to 5, ranging from mild to strong. With 3D technology, reaching and massaging the acupuncture points becomes effortless with accurate precision and depth, leaving you revitalized.

    2nd Generation S-Track
    The massage track is designed to contour the human back more than ever and to enhance the movement of the massage heads with better accuracy.


    2 Stage Zero Gravity

    Osaki OS-7200CR 2 stage zero gravity positions

    he Osaki OS-7200CR has an automatic multi-stage zero-gravity recline system. Just hit a button and the chair pivots, reclines and elevates your legs to a "zero-gravity" position that helps relieve pressure from head to toe. The second "Zero-Gravity Position" reclines even further delivering a more intense massage experience.


    Computer Body Scan

    Osaki OS-7200CR computer scan system

    Computer Body Scan GPS

    Experience the most human like massage from Osaki. The new enhanced 3D massage rollers are designed to massage wider and deeper than conventional massage rollers. The 3D technology allows you to extend out or protrude the massage heads for a super deep massage. The 3D intensity has 5 different levels, ranging from normal to very strong. With the 3D technology, reaching and massaging the acupuncture points becomes effortless with better precision and depth, leaving you revitalized.

    Auto Computer Leg Scan

    The calf and foot massager is capable of making adjustments according to each individual's leg length ensuring that the massage air bags are concentrating on the correct areas. At the start of the massage, the chair will fully extend out and then retract. Once the foot massager has reached the desired length, firmly press your toes down to indicate to the chair to stop.


    Chromo-Therapy LED Lights

    Osaki OS-7200CR Chromo LED lights

    Beautifully designed on the sides of the chair, are illuminating lights that alternate various colors. By dimming the lights in the surrounding room, the chromo lights will project soothing colors to improve your relaxation experience.


    MP3 Player 

    Osaki OS-7200CR MP3 music player

    For your listening pleasure and convenience, located just behind the remote is a storage compartment for your MP3 or iPod/iPhone with a speaker connector. Play your favorite music from your device directly to the chair. Quality compact speakers have been mounted in the shoulder massagers directed at your ears for a clear, crisp sound.



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