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    Luraco front housing set
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    Gulfstream GS3300 mood light kit with LED bulb and AC adapter

    Gulfstream GS3300 Mood Light Kit

    spa LED changing color
    Gulfstream GS4000 control box with air hose and air button

    Gulfstream GS4000 Control Box

    3 outlet connectors
    Gulfstream GS4000T control box with built-in timer, free air hose and button

    Gulfstream GS4000 Timer Control Box Kit

    3 outlet connectors with timer
    one outlet connector Gulfstream GS4001 Control Box

    Gulfstream GS4001 Control Box

    Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 10 in
    Gulfstream GS4002 control box with built-in timer

    Gulfstream GS4002 Timer Control Box

    Timer to stop device from overheating
    GS4003 Auto-fill Control Box For Gulfstream Pedicure Chair

    Gulfstream GS4003 Auto-fill Control Box

    Auto-fill control box
    Gulfstream GS4006-D black air button for discharge pump

    Gulfstream GS4006-D Discharge Air Button

    Discharge pump air button
    Gulfstream GS4006-J push button for pedicure spa whirlpool system

    Gulfstream GS4006-J Jet Air Button

    Whirlpool air button
    Gulfstream GS4008 pump kit includes drain pump, air hose, drain hose and all required couplings

    Gulfstream GS4008 Drain Pump Kit

    Include drain pump, air hose, cable and all couplings
    Gulfstream GS4009 discharge pump with inlet and outlet couplings

    Gulfstream GS4009 Discharge Pump

    UL listed | 110 volts
    Gulfstream GS4103 black rubber coupling with c-clamps

    Gulfstream GS4103 Coupling Connector

    Connect drain pump and discharge hose
    gray motor

    Luraco Magnetic Jet

    Removable impeller | Installation drill hole: 3.5" | Made in U.S.A