Pedicure Chairs

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PSA Cloud 9 Pedicure Chair

Acetone resistant | Crystal bowl | Spa LED light | 1-Year Warranty

PSA Valentine Pedicure Chair

Optional Magnetic Liner Jet | Strong Dual Color Base | 1-Year Warranty

PSA Chocolate Pedicure Chair

Ultra-leather acetone-resistant upholstery | Pipeless- jet System | 1-year warranty

PSA Chocolate SE Pedicure Chair

Magnetic Pipe-less Jet System | Spa LED | Acetone Resistant Leather

PSA Koi-111 Pedicure Chair

Ultra-leather upholstery | Optional magnetic jet | 1-year warranty

PSA Mimi Kid Pedicure Chair

Reliable vibration massage | 1-year limited warranty

Gulfstream La Violette Pedicure Chair

Curved wooden base | IDJet Technology | UL certification | 1-year warranty

PSA Angel Pedicure Chair

Real wood armrests | Chemical resistant | durable crystal bowl

PSA iCloud Pedicure Chair

Human-like massage functions | Premier PU upholstery | Chemical resistant

PSA iBear Kid Pedicure Chair

Optional magnetic jet for liners | built-in vibration massage system

Gulfstream Ampro Pedicure Chair

Full Shiatsu Massage | Optional Air Vent | USB and Electrical Outlet

Gulfstream Camellia 2 Pedicure Chair

Hand crafted glass bowl | Optional air vent system | Powerful magnetic IDjet technology

Gulfstream Chi 2 Pedicure Chair

Wooden tub frame | Optional air vent system | Hard strong acrylic bowl

Gulfstream La Tulip 3 Pedicure Chair

Acetone resistant spa tub | Optional air vent system

Gulfstream La Tulip 2 Pedicure Chair

Optional LED lights | Air Vent System | Powerful magnetic IDjet

Gulfstream La Fleur 3 Pedicure Chair

Powerful magnetic IDjet | Optional air vent system | 1-year warranty

Gulfstream La Fleur 4 Pedicure Chair

USB and Electrical Outlet | Acetone Resistant Armrests | 1-Year Warranty

Gulfstream Lavender 3 Pedicure Chair

Luxurious wooden frame | Spa LED lights | 1-Year warranty

Gulfstream Mini Lavender Portable Pedicure Spa

Portable spa | Chemical resistant | 1-year warranty

Gulfstream La Maravilla Pedicure Chair

USB and Electrical Outlet | Optional Air Vent System | 1-Year Warranty

Gulfstream Camellia 1 Pedicure Chair

Acetone resistant | Optional LED lights | 1-year warranty