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    LC Corp: It’s a Budgeter’s Dream Come True.

    LC Corp: It’s a Budgeter’s Dream Come True.

    Looking for pedicure units? If so, LC Corp is an option. They’re a supplier with a fair share of units to choose from! Today, we’ll look at those chairs. We’ll analyze some of the best they have, their pros/cons, and who they suit! Take a look at each, and decide what to buy!

    But first…

    Some Observations.

    LC Corp offers some of the cheapest pedicure units on the market. You see, most suppliers put their chairs at $2500 to $5000. But with this company, their top model is only $2150! And if you’re wondering, it’s an adult chair. This company doesn’t supply pedicure units for children. So this is good news from you. Because now, you get a company that supplies quality chairs for cheap! But let’s get into specifics. Let’s start by analyzing that top model we just referenced…

    #1 – Z550.

    It’s $2150 – yet it has a luxurious look. The luxury look also comes with the comfort. This chair has a leather upholstery, and is thickly padded for proper spinal support. And let’s not forget the colors. This chair comes with “feminine” color options, perfectly suited for a beauty salon! You can get burgundy, cappuccino, and caramel

    Special Functions.

    It looks like a high-end massage chair. And oddly enough, it does have massage chair features! This pedicure unit has a “4 wheel massage rolling track.” And those wheels operate in multiple angles, giving the customer a holistic massage! But speaking of holistic, the footrest of the Z550 is adjustable. This lets the pedicure unit work well for people of all heights! It makes the chair accommodative for all clients. And you’ll never worry about your chair being uncomfortable! Did we also mention that the arm rests slides back? This allows anyone to get in and out of the chair with ease!

    Spa Cleaning.

    The foot bath comes with a pipe-less whirlpool jet. The motor used is also quiet, allowing for proper relaxation. So having multiples of this chair won’t cause a noise disturbance! Plus, you get an integrated spray hose, allowing you efficient and fast cleaning. So now, you don’t need an external hose that doesn’t fit the unit!

    Seems Like an Amazing Chair… Of course it is. This is the best pedicure unit in LC Corp’s lineup. But if you want a chair that’s more affordable, then you should try…

    #2 – L290.

    At only $1600, this chair works well for budgeters. From a quick glance, you can already see why it’s priced lower. That is, it looks less luxurious, and “less padded.” In fact, it looks more technological than it is elegant. But that doesn’t make it any less functional. After all, this chair also comes with a massage system, just like the Z550! Plus, it also has a similar pipe-less whirlpool jet, and an adjustable footrest.


    You get some amazing color options with this model! You get even more colors than the Z550. And this gives you more decorative power over your pedicure units! Specifically, this chair comes in burgundy, cappuccino, black, and pale green. And note the black and green options. Both are excellent organic colors, and they mesh well with a variety of décor. So if you’re someone who’s developing a salon with “organic looks,” then try this chair!

    But What if I Want Something Cheaper?

    Good news. You won’t get cheaper chairs than LC Corp. And there’s an even cheaper option than the ones we mentioned! This being…

    #3 – L270.

    Priced at $1400 – you don’t get a better budget chairs than this. Seriously, most “child pedicure chairs” on the market cost that much. Yet, this is a fully functional adult pedicure unit! And like its sister (the L290), this chair has many good features. In fact, it has the exact same features. The only difference is in the fiberglass base, which is more box-like in looks!

    Interesting – Should I Shop There?

    If you’re tight on money, where else are you shopping? LC Corp will save you thousands of dollars. They’re who you need for a good lineup of pedicure massage chairs. So there’s nothing more to wait for. Visit their store, and check out what they offer!


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