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    Litebox Electronics: Where Amazing Offers Come to Life!

    Litebox Electronics: Where Amazing Offers Come to Life!

    Every salon supplier has special features. Some have excellent websites. Others cater deeply to budgeters. And a third type just throws unending variety! But Litebox is different. It’s a brand that thrives on sleek advertising and amazing offers.

    How so? Keep reading to find out!

    Trait #1 – Limited Chairs (But) Multiple Options.

    Specifically, Litebox only sells two chairs. We know this is a small amount. After all, there are suppliers offering a lineup all the way up to 20! So why would Litebox sell itself short? Why would it get cheap with the number of chairs it puts out there? And the answer is – customization.

    Many Color Options.

    You get 2 chairs, but you can color them in endless ways. In fact, you get about 16 wood grain colors for one chair. So you can pick colors for a variety of decorative styles! You can go for what’s organic, modern, feminine – or even youthful! This numerous color option don’t exist in many brands. In fact, most brands offer 2-5 tops (7 if generous). So with 16, you get maximum customization. You can select chair colors that intimately match your walls and floors!

    Interesting – How About the Chairs Themselves?

    And this leads us to the next point…

    Trait #2 – Chairs that are Worlds Apart.

    You get a “Smart” and a “Stiletto” model. The “Smart” is just an average chair lacking thick padding. It’s actually the budget option, and it works well for startup salons. As for the “Stiletto,” this is the high-end model. It looks like something from a CEO’s office. It’s thick and professional. And it’s what you install in a luxury salon! But you know what’s even weirder?

    Financing Options.

    You don’t get a full price quote for the Stiletto chair. At least, not on the website… What do you get is a monthly quote. According to the website, that’s about $69/month, which is nothing to complain about for a high-end model. But still – having a full price tag is necessary. It gives you an idea on “how long” you’ll pay those $69s… But you know what? That’s fine, because Litebox makes up for its lack of clear pricing with an amazing offer!

    Trait #3 – Buy 5 Get 1 for Free!

    This offer applies to both the Stiletto and Smart models. We rarely see such offers with other suppliers. Usually, suppliers will sell you pedicure units as single pieces. They won’t ship them in bulk. And they surely won’t give you a “bulk discount” on them! But hey – aren’t discounts good? Don’t they give you the chance to setup a massive salon on dimes?

    In Fact…

    This offer works well if you’re renovating an old salon. Maybe you need new “high-tech” pedicure units. Or, maybe you just expanded your salon space, and need 6+ chairs? If so, this offer is excellent for you. You can contact Litebox and expand on dimes! Plus, if your register the products you bought, you get a 1-year warranty. And this is an amazing extra for your budget!

    Trait #4 – Similarly Limited Furniture.

    This company sells 2 chairs – and 1 nail table. That’s right. As far the information goes, this is a “3 product manufacturer.” So it’s not your typical salon supplier… But we’re surprised to find a lack of furniture. Because those tend to be even more numerous than the pedicure chairs! Surprise aside – let’s get into the details.

    LED Mod Nail Bar.

    This is their furniture item. It comes with many “station extensions.” And you get a different price quote, depending on the station numbers…For a single, you pay $400. And for a quad station, you pay $1500. This is expensive for a nail table. However, its luxurious and immaculate look seem to justify the price. If you plan on buying one, make sure the stations match your chair counts!

    In Summation.

    Litebox is an odd supplier of pedicure units. They’re far from bad. Their products are quality (made in USA for the info). And you get many color customization advantages! Yet, they’re expensive, and you don’t get many stock options. But over all, if luxury is what you seek, then this brand is for you. So check out their website, and learn more!

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