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    T4spa – Supplying Unique Solutions to Special Salons!

    T4spa – Supplying Unique Solutions to Special Salons!

    When setting up a salon, you need to shop from the best. Basically, you need to weed out the ineffective, and stick only to the best. And by reading this review, you can do so with ease. Why? Because today, we’re discussing the “patented T4 Spa”!

    What Patents?

    T4 has two pedicure unit patents. Specifically, they’re for the “T4 Jaguar” and “T4 Panther” chairs. Both come with a unique “human touch” feature. That is, they’re designed to maximize comfort, without sacrificing strength and durability. So they last long, and give you maximum ROI per dollar! But that’s not the only reason to seek their services. You see, they have a unique way of presenting their products too! And it’s all in their “product categorization.” To give you an idea…

    Products Are Defined by Pedicure Base.

    With any pedicure unit, you get 2 main components…You get the top-most portion, being the chair. Then there’s the base, which is the bottom portion… At T4 Spa, chairs are defined by the pedicure base’s material. Specifically, they’re categorized as…




    Now, almost no pedicure supplier presents their chairs this way. Yet, it’s a genius method!


    The base material is where most of your money goes – right? After all, it’s what holds up the chair (which is easily replaceable). It’s also where your employees do much of their work. Because isn’t that where the bowl, jets, and pumps go? It’s the functional part of the chair. And if the base doesn’t function (or gets broken), then the rest of the chair becomes useless. So with this categorization, you can shop “pedicure units” by durability and functionality. Plus, you get specific advantages per base type! Pedicure Bases – Differences & Prices. We mentioned 3 types of bases. Let’s look at T4’s lineup, and the differences in each chair type…

    (1) Fiberglass Units.

    The least expensive. Fiberglass has the least elegant look of all pedicure bases. It’s also more prone to breakage and discoloration… However, it’s a base material that suits budgeters. T4 offers 4 fiberglass chairs, with prices starting at $3200. And we know what you’re thinking, $3200 minimum is a lot. After all, there are cheaper chair suppliers out there… But as we’d like to note again, T4 is a quality brand. So expect higher prices for better materials. And speaking of those…

    (2) Wood Units.

    This is perfect for salon owners trying to develop a classic look. Wood meshes well with furniture and organic décor. And compared to fiberglass, it isn’t too expensive. Here, T4 offers 4 wood chairs, with prices starting at $3400. However, if wood isn’t what you seek, and you want maximum durability (and a sleek look), then go for steel!

    (3) Steel Units.

    Starting price is $4000, and this lineup only has 2 chairs. So this category isn’t for budgeters. However, you can get those chairs if you’re developing a modern interior. Plus, those chairs wear the least. After all, steel is well-protected from heat and accidents (and also rust). So it lasts longer than both wood and fiberglass!

    Other Interesting Products.

    You thought T4’s lineup stopped with chairs? It doesn’t. This supplier sells a wide range of accessories, both high and low tech! For starters…

    Massage Chairs. 

    They have a lineup of affordable massage chairs. And by affordable, they only cost $1300 to $1600 a piece! This is perfect for businesses. And it saves you from buying chairs that cost $3000 to $9000!

    Pad Sets.

    You can get cushions for both massage chairs and pedicure units! This is useful, especially if a cushion feels uncomfortable (or is torn). You can get a replacement, adding to the user’s comfort!


    Décor matters too. With T4, you can decorate a salon for beauty. You can setup elegant designs that blend well with the furniture bought!

    A Top Quality Supplier.

    T4 Spa offers many advantages. And what we mentioned today just scratches the surface… They also sell parts per chair. Plus, they have an easy to use cart system, and multiple distributors! Shopping from them is a pleasant experience. Just sifting through their site gives you many setup ideas. So be sure to visit here, and setup your salon now!

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