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    SSKaudio MA-3500 3500 Watt Mixing Amplifier

    Brand: SSKaudio
    Seller: Deallock
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    Product Features:
    ●Adopt 24Bit data bus and 32Bit DSP technology
    ●Music tone is adjusted by a seven-band equalizer, and the high and low cut frequencies are adjustable.
    ●microphone tone is adjusted by an 11-band equalizer, and the high and low cut frequencies are adjustable.

    • The effect sound is equipped with 5-parameter equalization adjustment.
      ●Professional anti-howling technology, microphone has 8 levels of feedback suppression, and can choose OFF/1-8
      ●Music, microphone, effect boot volume setting and maximum volume lock function
      ●10 modes can be stored
    • Boot music, microphone effect mode setting
      ●The front USB unit has a full-featured menu, which can also be set via the PC interface.
    • SMT patch production process, product performance are stable
      ●Microphone output, main output with pressure limit, adjustable output gain, delay, phase adjustment
    • 48V phantom power output, 2 analog audio signal inputs, fiber optic, coaxial digital signal input

    ◆ Frequency Response(1dB):(MUSIC MIC)20Hz~20KHz
    ◆ input sensitivity: (MIC)11MV  (MUSIC) 210MV
    ◆ Microphone tone:(±10dB):63Hz \ 100Hz \150Hz \ 200Hz \ 315Hz \ 400Hz \630Hz\      800Hz \ 1KHz \1.6KHz
    ◆ Music tone(±10dB): 63Hz \ 160Hz \ 400Hz \ 1KHz \ 2KHz \ 6.3KHz \ 12KHz
    ◆ Effect tone:100Hz \ 500Hz \ 1KHz \ 5KHz\ 10KHz
    ◆ Signal noise ratio:≥95dB

    ◆ Size:89×482×390mm

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