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    Things To Consider When Buying Pedicure Chairs

    Choosing the best pedicure spa chair is very important for every salon. Buying the right pedicure chair depends on several factors including your business type and the kind of clientele that you’d expect for your business. Generally, most people prefer popular brands mainly because of their reputation in regarding any guarantees. While other stick to smaller brands because they are cheaper and most of them can be as effective as those recognized brands.

    With the growing demand for pedicure chair, there have been a wide range of chairs from different brands and manufacturers to suit the needs and requirements of salons and spas. In the market today, you will find a wide variety of these chairs with respect to design, shape, color, and size, creating an ample choice for spa owners to choose from.

    Above all, it is important to buy one that is durable and of high-quality. And this can be achieved if you follow the instructions in this simple guide. Here are a few things to consider when buying a pedicure spa chair:

    1.     Durability

    This is an important feature in any spa chair you decide to buy. Comfortable chairs are those that are well constructed and built with long-lasting materials.  Buying a chair below standard will get you into trouble in the long run and you may eventually lose not only your clients but your business. Thus, the pedicure chair you will end up buying should generally be durable, clean, comfortable, and give a sense of relaxation. You may not have the time or money to repair a chair once it has been installed. More so, poorly constructed chairs usually leave some residue from previous pedicure which may lead to a bridge in proper hygiene.

    1.     Price

    This is another critical factor to consider when buying spa chairs. Your budget will determine the price you are willing to put forth. Obviously, there are high-end chairs while others are quite affordable; however, you have to make sure you focus on the important features – quality and comfort. By doing this you would offer your clients a comfortable stay in your salon or spa.

    You have to be aware that many customers would rank your spa based on its appearance. If you buy a low-end chair with inferior quality, you may end up losing your clients. Therefore, regardless of your limited budget, always make sure you look for alternatives that will reward you with more clients and profits.

    1.     Consider Buying Online

    The internet has made things so easy for us that we just have to consider online shopping as an option when buying your chair. Depending on your needs and the requirements of clients, there are low-priced products that are offered by a number of great dealers. Just search online and you will get a wide range of chairs with different designs and color.

    There are a number of online retailers that will the chair set up and ready in no time. More importantly, shopping online means you will have huge savings that might not be found in your local store. Just make sure to compare different products features and prices so that you get what you get within your budget.

    1.     Material

    The material used in making the chair is another factor you have to consider as well. Try to purchase one with materials that can be easily cleaned and maintained. Sometimes, the facial chairs and stools are sold together; this means you have to purchase for your beautician as well. If you decide on high-tech chairs, opt for one designed with black leather, this will beautify the ambience of the salon. Getting this will eventually attract customers to your parlor.

    1.     Pipe-free Jet (optional)

    A pipe-free jet system is another optional feature to decide on. These systems are very powerful and may harbor bacteria if not properly cleaned and maintained. With a without pipe framework, the fly is for the most part expelled for cleaning which spares time and bother.

    1.     Massage Feature (optional)

    Nowadays, there are chairs with massage feature. Though, this isn’t entirely necessary; however, it is a feature that can lure customers especially those that love being pampered. Most pedicure chairs don’t have this feature, so buying one with this feat means you are streamlining your competitors.

    1.     Comfort

    A pedicure spa chair is meant to be comfortable as well as make your salon look elegant and beautiful. This goes for all kinds of chairs! They should set the atmosphere and ambiance of your spa or salon. This is particularly important if you intend offering facial series in your salon. The padded armrest and backrest will help your clients relax better as they can be easily reclined according to the taste of the client during the procedure.

    Choosing the right spa chair is one of the best ways to attract new clients and retain existing ones. It is also a great way to raise more funds for your salon. Just make sure you follow these few guidelines and buy nothing but the best irrespective of how high or low your budget is.

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