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    Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair

    Brand: Titan
    Seller: Deallock
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    Old price: $4,995.00
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    2 Stage Recline Positioning 

    Titan Pro Executive massage chair in 2 stage recline positions

    On the center of the remote is the auto recline position button. If you press once the chair will go into a reclined position with the seat base slightly more pitched. Press it a second time and the chair will be in the full recline position placing the feet close to heart level. The recline position can be customized. The preset recline settings are recommended recline positions.


    Easy To Use Remote Control

    remote control of Titan Executive massage chair

    The remote is mounted to a stand that swivels and moves forward and back. The remote is color coded, indicating functions of the buttons. The Large VFD color display allows you to see what the chair is doing and where it is massaging.


    Auto leg extension of Titan Executive massage chair

    To accommodate the varying height of users, the leg portion is adjustable. The leg massager is on a steel track in 2 different sections. One focusing on the feet and the other on the calves. Gently press your feet down until they are fully extended. The spring will allow for 9 inches (23 cm) of extension. 


    3D Massage Roller Technology

    3d massage rollers of Titan Executive massage chair

    The Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair comes equipped with 3D Technology. A 2D track only goes up and down and side to side, but a 3D track also goes in and our. The intelligent 3D Massage technology imitates the real hand motions and able to extrude up to 4.7 inches.


    Arm Air Massage

    airbags at arms of Titan Executive massage chair

    There are 8 airbags located at the arms to provide a soothing compression massage of your forearms. The rhythmic pulse point simulation relaxes your entire arms to your fingers.


    Lower Back & Calf Heat

    massage with heat

    In the lower back along the lumbar region are 2 heating pads that reach a soothing temperature of 104 – 122 Fahrenheit. With the heat application it will enhance the feel of the roller head massage


    Air Hip Massage

    air hip massage of Titan Executive massage chair

    The hip massagers inflate and deflate creating a multitude of different massage actions. When only one side inflates it creates a twisting action. When both sides inflated it compresses the hips inward providing a firm squeeze. Located on the seat base are airbags to prop one side higher than the other adding a new dimension to the hip twist.


    Adjustable Shoulder Massagers

    air shoulder massage of Titan Executive massage chair

    The shoulder massagers are adjustable to accommodate various heights and builds. Typically, the shoulder massagers are stationary and cannot be adjusted, neglecting taller and shorter users. Directly above the shoulder massagers are high quality speakers that will sync with your device to play your favorite tunes while enjoying your personal massage.



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