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    Titan TP-Pro 8400 Massage Chair

    Brand: Titan
    Seller: Deallock
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    Old price: $3,895.00
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    Titan Pro 8400 promotional banner


     Advanced Massage Technology

    Titan TP-Pro 8400 advanced massage technology

    The TP-Pro 8400 incorporates the most advanced massage technology in the Titan Chair series. Now integrated with zero gravity positioning and outer shoulder massage, the easy to use remote control allows you to navigate through the features with ease.


    L-Track Massage Technology

    50 inch L-track roller of Titan Pro 8400

    The Titan TP-Pro 8400 comes equipped with the revolutionary L track. It provides support to both your neck and back, especially the lumber area. This position increases the effects of massage as it enables each disc of our spine to individually separate and decompress, allowing nutrients to enter disc tissue while providing a fantastic massage to your entire back as well as your glutes.


    Zero Gravity

    Titan Pro 8400 zero gravity function

    Inspired by NASA research, the Zero gravity position is the perfect position to enjoy a massage. It helps aligning your back relative to your thigh at an optimal level of comfort while decompressing your spine and removing pressure. When reclined into the zero gravity position, the complete weight of your back is virtually supported by the backrest which maximizes the intensity of the massage.


    Heating Functions

    Titan TP-Pro 8400 heat

    Placed in the lower back region of the chair are 2 heating pads that enhance the massage experience.


    foot rollers of Titan Pro 8400

    Located on the bottom of the feet of the Titan TP-Pro 8400 massage chair are 2 rows of spinning reflexology massagers which provide a soothing kneading style application. As the rollers spin, it will stimulate acupuncture points and as the air bags inflate it will generate a much deeper massage along the bottoms of your feet. This is a feature usually seen on more expensive massage chairs.



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