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    Product reviews for Ghế Pedicure Ciana

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    adam89 | 31/01/2019 1:06 SA
    Good quality for the price!
    Bought 6 six chairs in burgundy color. Gel bowl is very strong, love the back massage.  I found it pleased to have bought this chair, worth the money.
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    em321 | 31/01/2019 4:36 CH
    Easy installation, nice packaging
    Received the chair last week. The installation step was easy, the chair was preassembled, all i did was hook up the waterline and drain line
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    will | 31/01/2019 5:31 CH
    Good buy!
    Product arrived quickly, product looks great in my spa, truly recommend this seller!! Hoping to purchase more items!!
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    davidmiller | 02/02/2019 12:34 SA
    decent chair
    We've been using for the last few days, do not know the quality. The chair looks nice, pedicure basin is strong. I wish there were more colors for the base and basin, only able to choose the leather color. I hope it will last
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    Tommy | 22/02/2019 6:56 CH
    good product and price
    Very good value. It is not the best chair, but it does all the things that an expensive chair does...happy purchase
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