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    How To Stop Nail Biting

    How To Stop Nail Biting

    Nail biting begins when most people are young and eventually grow up with them into adulthood. It is considered a redundant behavior that shows different levels of intensity because most people just can’t get away from their nail-biting habit. As strange as it is, the habit of biting nails is one of the most difficult habits to let go of.

    Almost as though there is flavor on the nail, some nail biters just nibble a little on their fingernails. Then, there are other nail biters who not only go to the market on their fingers but also bite their nails as well as the cuticles. Whatever kind of nail-biter you appear to be, your main goal is to stop nail biting.

    Deep within the subconscious minds of some people, nail biting is rather enjoyable. It takes a lot of conscious decision, self-discipline, and monitoring to stop biting your nails. Some of the basic steps to prevent your nail biting habit may seem funny; however, these medications have proven to be effective.


    There are several reasons why people bite their nails. It is believed that the cause of nail biting comes from the environment. Some surmise that there is a biological connection to this behavior too – it could be passed on from parents to children and even spread among other children.

    Also, nail biting is not just a habit; it is considered an impulse control problem. It is thought that nail biting is most likely instinctual and that these instincts come out against our will when we are stressed.

    Trying to be professional is another reason for nail biting as well. Most individuals try to straighten out irregularly shaped nails by biting them into shape. As a result, this causes more problems on the nails.


    1.      Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

    A lot of individuals are skeptical whenever they hear hypnosis. However, there is countless success stories associated with this method of treatment. Nail biting hypnosis speeds up the process quite fast. Many people have successfully stopped nail biting after series of intense sessions of oblivious reprogramming.

    Hypnosis has been used to help people lose weight, get over their phobia, quit smoking, and it has also had success in stopping nail biting. It is quite simple and painless; yet, it should only be done under intense supervision by highly trained medical professionals.

    Since nail biting is generally a response to the stress in one’s life, the use of NLP in conjunction with hypnotherapy and hypnosis will realize major results quickly. Almost immediately after applying this method, you will begin to notice that you no longer feel the urge to bite your nails no matter how much anxiety you feel for longer sessions. Hypnotherapy can be used in a number of ways besides nail biting; it can help you overcome anxiety and other impulsive behaviors that you feel you are a victim to.

    1.      Aversion Training

    This is done by putting a bitter/sour tasting chemical on your fingernails daily. Doing this will make you less inclined to bite your nails. It will also train you to stay away from this habit. There are many brands available, each with their assurance of guaranteed results. Regardless of their effective results, if it is not practiced daily, there will be slow process or even no result at all. If your job or occupation makes you wash your hands often, you may need to repeat the treatment all through the day.

    1.      Nail Polish

    This kind of nail polish is quite different from others. It is a transparent type of nail polish that is meant to be used on men and women to help them stop their nail biting habit. This polish has a bitter taste and helps you become more aware of the habit and force you to stop.

    1.      Habit Reversal

    This is perhaps the most valid, successful, and effective therapy for nail biting. It uses a step-by-step program that seeks to make the victim aware of his/her behavior and then provide a competing response to disrupt it. For example, replacing the habit of nail biting by chewing gum has proven to be effective on some people. This can help the individual to overcome their nail biting habit. However, the victim needs to be determined to break the habit.

    1.      Medication

    Doctors tend to prescribe antidepressants as a remedy for nail biting. These antidepressants come in various forms and some are administered in combination with antipsychotics just to increase the effect of the antidepressants been used. This kind of medication may be quite expensive and there is a tendency of continuing this habit as soon as you quit. Obviously, medication is an excellent temporary solution; yet, it should not be thought of as a permanent one. With medication, one could go for behavioral therapy and also combine other methods to stop nail biting.

    Like most habits, nail biting is a redundant one. Victims who try to stop it find themselves in the habit again. To completely overcome this habit, you need a strong will to break years of reliance on this crutch. This makes the procedure somewhat more troublesome than a few tasteless nail polishes you apply on your skin. Truly, this habit is anything from easy to break. It doesn’t really matter why you are trying to break through, as soon as you are committed to the process, you will overcome.

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