About Us

We established the to help in connecting people to super deals that best suit their budget and expectations. Our major aim is to save our clients time and resources while looking for quality low price products, and with you no longer need to surf through different websites and perform the same search over and over again.

From humble beginnings, we are now one of the US's biggest classifieds and marketplace, with our own state of the art company! We owe all of this to our customers. We distinguish ourselves on client service in many ways - we also assume customer service is more than sending out orders, it's also about creating a relationship so that we learn how to serve your needs better, and you know who you're doing business with. We cherish getting to know our customers, we cherish you're interested in getting to know a bit more about us,

This would not be possible without brands that stand for quality—in content, in people, and in execution.

The credibility of our company is attributed to our huge commitment at ensuring all our clients’ highest expectations are met. We dare to go to unimaginable heights in research to ensure that every product available in our site is genuine. Our site also allows you to post the interesting classifieds where several people across the globe can have a view and those interested can purchase. We are very dynamic and as nice deals come up we will always be the first ones to let you know.

At Tittac we are striving to be as comprehensive as possible and we currently pride in the extensive variety of products available in our site. Whether looking for job listings, home appliances, electronics, party rentals, garage sales and several other products, you can count on us for ultimate solutions. We are also very open and whatever the product you want to sell are free to post it to our site.

We value all our clients and your convenience is our catch cry. We have designed our range of services to offer you optimum levels of convenience and as trends change we also buckle down to find more innovative ways of making more comfortable. If looking for any deals, hustle no more because at Tittac, there’s all you need.