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    Dipping nails trend

    Dipping nails trend

    Dipping nails is now a popular and developing trend. This trend is considered as an important change in terms of aesthetics and health benefits. Thus, what is special about dipping nails?

    In-need change

    Before, acrylic nail and gel nail could be considered as two most attractive services in the market. In fact, the techniques to do the two could bring the satisfaction of beautiful nail sets, but they also have a lot of weaknesses, especially for the health of customers. Many customers complaint about unhealthy nails, such as the membranes and structures are damaged.

    In the other hand, while doing such nail services for customers, the technicians suffer from the odor of toxic chemicals, such as acrylic (monomer), or Primer (the substance helps a powder adhere to a nail), and other substances that could have a bad affections to nail technicians.

    The nail technicians and customers all want to find products for nails which do not damage to their health as well as not to the real nails. Thus, dipping nails is an in-need change. And the born of dipping nails is a necessary change.

    What is special about dipping nails?

    According to many people’s opinions, dipping nails are favored due to its outstanding properties such as:

    The dipping powders contain Vitamin E & Calcium, which help the fingernails grow healthier, so the nails would not be cracked or yellowish.

    It is odorless and does not contain toxic substances as liquid (such as sulfur) nor primer, thus it does not affect negatively to the health or customers and technicians.

    Do not need drying time under UV light.

    The nails made by dipping techniques are strong and light. And theycould last for 2-3 weeks whilethecolors remain bright and natural.

    According to the nail technicians, the dipping nails converges the advantages of acrylic and gel nails: shining, light as gel and durable as acrylic; besides it has the least harm to the nails.

    Simple techniques

    The dipping nails could be made easily and fast. This is the perfect opportunity for the nail technicians who are weak on acrylic nails. By using dipping techniques, the work for all kind ofnails such as: overlay, natural, glitter tip, color tips, pink & white, etc gives excellent results.

    Depending on different techniques of dipping, the nail manicurists will have detailed steps with different stages. However, basically, a dipped nail is conducted by 3 main steps:

    Apply gel base onto the nail

    Dip in powder

    Apply gel to top finish

    Dipped nails could be used to make the full-sets or fill-ins types, such as refill, re-new nail outlook, or repair the damage from gel or acrylic nails.

    One of the famous nails dipping powder is SNS (Signature Nail Systems). The company majors in research and manufacturing the dipping powder for nails with 100% natural ingredients. SNS is also the first company introducing to the market the dipping powder for nails, with many outstanding advantages, aiming for healthy natural nails.

    Nails dipping powder with many colors that suit the styles and choices of customers for four seasons. With the outstanding properties for aesthetics and health, the technique is considered as one of new techniques, an achievement in nail industry and it is worthy to be care of.

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