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Buying a Karaoke Machine? Here are 6 Tips to Help You Out!

Few people buy karaoke machines these days… Don’t get us wrong, it’s still a popular past-time. However, most people opt to use them on night outs.

After all, it’s cheaper than owning a machine, right?


Not Necessarily…

If you’re serious about a karaoke hobby, get a machine. It saves you money down the line. And it lets you enjoy it at your own home, and in privacy.

Below, we’ll help you with that. We’ll mention 6 tips on how to pick a perfect device!


#1 – Define a Price Range.

Karaoke machines can get expensive. So how much can you pay for one? A machine cost anywhere from $200 to $1000. And some cost even more!

That’s as much as buying a new iPhone!


Rule: The More Expensive, The More Professional.

If your karaoke machine is just another gadget to enjoy, lower your budget. You’ll still get the fun of it. But you can save money for others things… In fact, saving money on karaoke machines is good. Because this allows you to buy accessories for it! However, as a professional, you can go expensive. And that’s because it’ll be used constantly, so it has to be durable… And it has to satisfy customers.

#2 – Define the User.

Is it for your personal use? Is it for your young kids? Or are you buying karaoke for a party/social business? Who it’s for defines how high-tech you want it.



If it’s for a business, feel free to pick quality. After all, you want to maximize the experience for both…But it’s for children, they probably aren’t using it for long. So you can go for cheaper market models. In fact, there are certain models designed for kids. Those tend to be on the lower-end of the karaoke price scale. Usually, you can get them for ¼ price of an adult karaoke machine!


#3 – Pick Between Portable & Stationary.

Yes, some karaoke machines are designed for “easy carrying around.” In fact, there isn’t one standard on how a karaoke machine is. There are dichotomies to define a karaoke machine. And that’s why buying one is interesting…Because when comparing models, you might feel like you’re looking at totally different tech items!


So Portable or Stationary?

Portable is always for personal/casual use. If you’re hosting an outdoor party, you want something portable. Same applies to a picnic (far from other people), or camping. But the stationary “bulkier” karaoke machines are for professional/hobbyist use.

#4 – Pick Multi-Power Options.

Some karaoke machines are like phones. That is, they work with both battery and live power. The more options, the better. This makes you more adaptable, should you move and take your machine along.


The Minimum.

Make sure it has a battery. Especially if it’s a portable model. The whole point of portability is to take your hobby anywhere. So it has to work anywhere.


#5 – Create a List/ Start Reading Reviews.

By now, you should have a few candidates selected. Sift through each on websites that allow reviews. Good examples include Amazon… Check for good ratings and user experience.


Stressing the User Experience.

You want to see if there are any design faults before purchase. Some bad reviews (complaints) discuss that. So always look for those. The best user experience reviews are on private blogs. Their reviews are more thorough and genuine. Be sure to find the most popular karaoke/tech blogs, and read up on their analysis!

Checking Functionality.

You want to make sure that the machine has adjustable options that improves your experience. A good example is sound controls. Read reviews on pitch, echo, and mute controls…Check if you can adapt karaoke instrumentals to your preferences. Obviously, you’re paying more for better sound controls. So don’t be disappointed if a cheap model lacks what you seek.


#6 – Don’t Forget the Accessories.

We touched briefly on accessories in the first point. And we’ll break it down as our final tip…Karaoke machines are improved by good accessories. You can get a better microphone. You can higher quality speakers. And you can get better quality music recordings! Thus, your karaoke expensive doesn’t have to be “stock.” If you have music editing experience, you can weld your hobby to match the quality you desire!

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