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8 Must Have Spa Equipment

It’s always about something relaxing and mind-settling when we talk about the spa. Other than the body spa, nail salons have also taken their step forward to offer the unique nail spas for those who love to see beauty even in the minutest edges. The increasing trend of nail arts, pedicure and manicure have supported and pampered many ladies in trying something that gives happiness of self-beautification and maintenance to boost the immense confidence within. Notably, with the increasing demand and the trends, the competition among the professional nail salon/spa has emerged as significant.

This, in turn, has ignited them to focus even onto the pretty minute details for delivering the utmost customer satisfaction, and the growth in the repeated-customer hub. Indeed, the internet and the media forms have provided a level of awareness and the knowledge base to the customers making them realize the differentiation between the goods and bads of this field. Therefore, for the nail spa salons, it is a challenge to make themselves distinct from the crowd by providing something which most of the others lag.

The role of the excellent equipment in any nail salon or spa center is indispensable as it has the capacity to lift the overall nail job experience as impressive. So, here we have provided the 8 must-have spa equipment that is just necessary for setting up the robust base in the nail finishing industry

  1.      Pedicure Chairs

Good quality pedicure chairs are always the mandatory part when it is about any of the beautification processes. There are a variety of branded chairs available to choose from and to give the customer a wow feeling while the job is done. From custom, adjustable to lounge, the modern chairs have it all. Whether you want to treat your customers separately or in a common area having long joint bench fitted with tubs, it's totally up to you.

Considering the cleanliness of the surrounding and the comfort, these modern chairs come in the variations of - pedicure chair with plumbed sanijet hydrotherapy tub, pedilounge and footbath with pipeless thermajet tub, Custom Bench Seating Pedicure Station and Pedicure Chair with TuckAway Foot Bath, etc.

  1.      Manicure Stations

A manicure table or the manicure workstation is the equipment where a manicurist or the nail artist performs her work. There are no such criteria that you should have a particular manicure station available, but having it can add more stars to your professionalism. A high-quality manicure station makes it easy for the nail artist to finish her job precisely with the cleanliness.

Notably, these stations are made up of material that is super easy to clean and dry leaving no pungent smells of chemical and lotions. As per the requirement, space and budget, there are a lot many of this equipment available in the market that can enhance the remarkability of your nail salon/spa center effectively.

  1.      Manicure Table Lamps

What can be better than you are focused and professional in providing a detailed customer service? Manicure table lamps help you to get deep into the nail edges where the normal manicure and spa providers falter. These lamps add an elegant look to the salon and make it much easy for the nail techie to perform the best job that too with the minimum of time. Manicure table lamp is one of the must-have equipment that is needed for analyzing the best possible scope of work. These lamps come in different sizes and colors to fit your need.

  1.      Nail Polish Racks

How would you feel when you are sitting to get your nail job done, and the techie is walking continuously to get the nail supplies from nearby drawers or the glass sliders? Well, not only it will even hamper the quality of the work due to the focus-breaks but ultimately will not give that feel of luxury and superiority to the customer. To avoid this, movable nail polish racks are available in the market that are beautifully designed to match the color schemes and space of the salon. You can choose the adjustable sections accordingly to carry the essential nail supplies, making it handy to the techie to provide a perfect and continuous professional touch. Additionally, the large nail polish racks are also available to showcase your brands by leaving a deep impression on the customers.

  1.      Drying Lamps

Another major must have equipment for the nail spa/salon is the drying lamp. These lamps are professionally designed to dry out the nail polish application of different types. Prior there were nail dryers available that were used typically to flow the air over the application to let it dry fast; but, for the gel and acrylic-glitter based nail paints dryers were comparatively less efficient.

To meet the need of the salons and to save the time of the ladies getting bored with their hands towards the fan, drying lamps are the revolutionary products to sort out the drying issue. These lamps come with the timer setting, automatic start sensor and the manual fan setting to give your customer a feel of a diva.

  1.      Nail Polish/Gel Removal Cleaner

It's always good to apply the nail paint and flaunt the trendy design in front of friends and colleagues, but to change the same, it requires a lot of preciseness and harmless chemicals to sustain the quality of the natural nail gloss. Considerably, thinners and scrubbers are not always applicable as the nail art/designs may vary from acrylic, gel to glitter, etc.

Especially for the ladies who have broken cuticles or delicate nails, the thinner application is a big no. Hence, to deal with the situation of nail paint removal you can include a professional nail steamer gel removal cleaner that is super easy to use and can hold five fingers at a time. Just ask your customer to dip her fingers in it and feel the rest of the magic effortlessly. Moreover, this equipment is health and environment-friendly that supports in maintaining the proper hygiene too.

  1.      Air Purifier

It’s hard to believe, but some of the highly toxic fumes and vapors are present in the nail salon area. There are a number of fumes that floats into the air from the nail paint, adhesive, varnish and removers; frequent inhalation of those can even cause the deadly disease like cancer. Notably, not only to the customers but these chemicals are equally harmful to the salon workers, local residents, other salon employees etc.

Consequently, precaution is always better than the cure and for the measure, there are different professionally designed nail salon/spa air purifiers available that help to clean the air back to the normal with a neutral odor. You can have one as per your budget and space to effectively contribute to the better air in the surroundings

  1.      Massage Oil and Lotion Warmers

Let your customers feel the warmth on their nails and experience some soul-satisfying feeling when in your spa center. The spa has its own peace and passion when luke warm oil is used to give a gentle massage at the nail tips to make them silky soft and manageable. With one fine massage oil and lotion warmer you can pass that enormous experience which can be a point of building a long-term mutual relationship. Available in multiple designs it can match any decor and has the enough capacity to serve the need of many. It comes with easy to press hygienic handle that oozes the lotion very easily and adequately.


In essence, there are many other things that are necessary to have in the nail salon/spa but above 8 are the essentials that you must-have to blow the mind of your customers. In today's world there are many who provide the services but still, the clients and the customers search for professionals who love to do things out of the box.

So, not just like any other ordinary salon, if you want to boost out your business, you should have to target the points that are untouched by others. Include as many good things as you can and let your customers know about them from your promotional brochures and catalogs. Good things always attract good and so does the good deed.

Further, proper sanitation and hygiene is always an important factor to go with. While most of the nail clippers, files available are disposable and are for one-time use only, still you can go for the metal tools to add a royal and antique touch to your salon aura. But remember to disinfect them with a hospital grade disinfectant after every visitor make use of a good quality autoclave to do the work. Considerably, salon equipment really works well but only when they are maintained and properly serviced. To ensure the smooth functioning and the expected result, always make sure to maintain these essentials to enjoy their long-lasting and explicit role.

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