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Best Ideas For Choosing Luxury Nail Salon Furniture

When we talk about the salon, the first thing that comes to our mind is the bright aura backed by the ultra-clean environment and the elegance. The beauty industries have witnessed a massive growth in the recent times, and undoubtedly the number of the service providers has also increased to fulfill the demand and growth rate.

Many A-grade salons offer more or less same services and their clients rely on them with their eyes blindfolded. If we consider more precisely the nail salons, most of the popular salon chains have close to the same methods and the pricing as well. So what makes the new rising salons to match up the competition? What makes the A-grade salons differ in their revenue? Well, the answer is straightforward- the luxury.

Ladies love to get treated like a diva and enjoy the experience of ease when it's something related to their beauty. They appreciate the comfort and the trendy stuff to justify their visit. All in all, the modern nail salon furniture has it's all. It has the luxury and all the great reasons to attract your customers like a magnet, making their salon experience as the pleasant one.

In this section of the article, we will try to help you out by giving the best ideas for choosing luxury nail salon furniture. So let us get started!


The Reception Area

The first impression is the last impression, and you never get a chance to change that. It takes just a second or two for someone to glance and evaluate the level of your business when they discern the front desk or the reception area for the first time. In a very short span of time, your customers ultimately form an impression seeing the quality and choice of your work. The reception desks come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to match the overall decor of any nail salon. You can simply choose the type of the material as per your budget and order it online or offline.

How to choose the perfect reception desk?

The reception desk is the command center for your nail salon. Its size should be perfect and as per the aspect ratio of your total reception area. Via main desk, you can have multiple functions performed:

Greeting the customers

Processing bills and transactions

New appointments

Filing, and so on.

So, while choosing this central member for your salon, you must keep in mind the numbers of seats you require to set up the monitor, keyboards, etc., the number of drawers you need to run the files, and the availability of the cash locker to store the real cash from the customers. Additionally, make sure it has sections to control the wires of the phones and the other peripherals.

The Waiting Area

The next important thing to consider is the sitting arrangement or the waiting area for the customers. It should be pretty neat and comfy with waiting-lounges and the cushioned chairs. Long benches are always preferred to handle the rush and serve the multiple individuals. The ultimate goal is to make the customers enjoy even the waiting time and not letting them go to the competitors. Moreover, mid-height tables in the waiting area should be added to make the customers feel easy by placing their essentials like mobiles, bags and water bottles.


The Nail Art workstations-Tables

Choosing the nail art table is sometimes tricky as there are many furniture brands available to serve you in this. The nail art job demands adequate space for both the nail techie and the customer to maintain the focus and the comfort respectively. As the process has the involvement of different chemicals and tools, the perfect table should be able to manage all the things with ease. It should be built of the material that can be cleaned easily in case of some spillovers. Apart, it should also have the space to put the manicure lamps and the bowls when required.

Modern nail art stations-tables have an adjustable length to fit the need of every customer. They use hydraulics and the proper sanitation system to maintain the hygiene and the comfort.

The Pedicure Workstations

When it's about the pedicure workstations, they must be smooth, adjustable and elegant at the same time. There is a large variety of stations available in the market that can be fitted separately or in a group depending upon the level of the service and the customer's need. Most of the modern stations are equipped with the memory foam seats and the full footrests to make the customer feel heavenly comfortable.

They come along with the attached basin at the bottom to ease the process and support the flush system to clear the used mixture. For the techie's ease of access, they have inbuilt drawers where the essentials like moisturizers, towels, and oils can be kept safe. Depending upon the space, service type and the decor of your salon, you can choose the best workstation within your budget.

The Nail Supplies Trolley

In salons, you can need the movable trolley anytime for the customers who need special personal treatment in the guest cabins. The nail trolleys have multiple sections available to carry the essentials such as nail art kits and the other tools that are required to get the job done. They also have the wheel locks to make the complete section stable and immovable. It looks bizarre when the job is in the process, and the nail techie is grabbing the tools and the lotions from the next slider or case. To sort out the issue, you can get your salon a trolley to feel the ease with the move. Nail supplies trolley come in different colors, shapes, and sections to fit the need of your salon and its decor.

The Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets or the showcases are mainly used for the display purposes. They create the awareness for the top notch brands you are using in your salon and help in stocking the cosmetics. These cabinets come in different sizes and shapes to match your need. Depending on the overall decor and the type of product you are storing inside, you can decide for the transparency of the doors or the sliders.

Additionals may include:

ðThe Bookshelves

Add different bookshelves and the magazine holders to add keep the customer engaged and occupied while waiting for the next service. Ladies love to explore the fashion magazines and admire to try the new things. A good quality bookshelf can contribute both to the salon aura and the sales. You can explore for them in the market as they are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes.

ðThe Corner Stools or Brackets

These are the stools that are not primarily for the sitting purpose but for covering the corners in a classy manner. Can be used as stockholders and base to the antique showpieces, these stools have their hallmark of luxury. They come in different sizes to fit the need for any space or decor of the salon. It always feels good when you see the uniqueness and distinct masterpieces in the salon area. These things have no role in providing the nail art, manicure or pedicure, but they eternally soothe the customer to the extent.

ðThe Companion Chair or Stools

There are infrequent occasions when the ladies visit the nail salon individually; otherwise, they always have their companion to guide them or to accompany them during the process. To avoid the embarrassment of not having the proper arrangement, for the extra members you proactively need to arrange for the companion chairs and stools. These chairs and stools come in the pattern to match the tables and workstations of your salon and are easy to pull, adjust and move.

In essence, choosing for the luxury nail salon furniture can be slightly puzzling, but believe me, your little time and effort, in the beginning, can boost out the future results. To make the process of gathering the salon furniture more comfortable, try to get a layout of the things and number of items you need for a perfect finish. Calculate for the area, the workstations gap, the walking ramp, and the overall maximum capacity of the salon. These calculations regularly help in deciding the item count and the free space. To note, always prefer to take the salon furniture from a single roof to get the perfect match of color and pattern.

Importantly, to add the perfect touch of the luxury you need to work on the interiors further. Nicely painted walls and the designer textures can add a royal gaze to your salon space which can complement the other things too. In fact, do whatever you feel as better to give a supreme look but remember to light the premises properly for the last grace. In the end, if you feel like little messy, add some mirrors in the ceiling and the walls to give the perfect spacious illusion to the viewer's eye.

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