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Fluorescent Palm Trees

Summer brings joy and the worries of stink and tanning too! From getting into sandals to going out to live a good time at the beach is all that one craves for in summers. Going somewhere and getting all dressed up accordingly for it, is that all you need to do these days? Not at all! How could you not dress up your nails according to it too? There’s no fun at playing games under the cool palm trees at the beach unless you got your fingernails all prettied up in funky fluorescent design!

Full Fluorescent Palm Trees Nail Art:

Totally going with the tropical seashore theme and cool windy atmosphere of the beach, the fluorescent palm trees look magnificent! The only thing you have to take care of is about using a nice fluorescent nail color in contrast with white.


  1.       Start the fluorescent nail art by applying a clear base coat on your nails.
  2.       This is a fluorescent nail art, which is why white nail color is used with a fluorescent nail color, neon baby pink.
  3.       Paint neon baby pink nail color on your nails except the middle and ring fingernail. Applying the second coat is a must.
  4.       Now apply two coats of white nail paint on the middle and ring fingernail.
  5.       Using a detail nail art brush and neon baby pink nail color, sketch two curved lines and five more lines appearing from its top as the branches of the palm tree. (refer to the picture)
  6.       With the same tool and color draw “v” shaped leaves on the branches, giving steady strokes such that they appear as textured leaves. (refer to the picture)
  7.       Finish off with a high-shine top coat!

Apart from reading comics and books in your free time or when you’re feeling low, try doing this shiny nail art. It would enlighten your mood! Fill your life with warmth and fluorescence!

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