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Massage Chair Review: INADA DreamWave vs. Bodyfriend Pharaoh

Want to know which chair is best? This is something we’ll answer today! You see, the INADA and Pharaoh chairs are unique. They’re high end models. So they’re not budget chairs… You need a big wallet for either. And for that reason, a review is necessary. You’ve got to know the pros and cons of each. You’ve got to know which chair is worth the price tag. Today, we’ll do just that. We’ll break down each chair, and give you a verdict on which to get!


First – Similarities.

Both chairs are pricey. The INADA chair is $9000. And the Pharaoh is $8000. That’s at the top of massage chair market range. And for reference, that’s anywhere from $500 to $10,000. So you’re buying a luxurious piece of furniture. To an extent, this nullifies the cost difference. After all, if you’re willing to spend that much, then an extra $1000 difference doesn’t matter.


Basic Feature – Heating.

Both chairs gives you seat heating. They use infrared systems. And this makes them perfect for winter use. If you live in a cold area, both chairs work well for you. However, we’d say that the INADA chair wins in this trait. Because next to seat heating, it also gives you air circulation! And this means less sweat trapped. You can feel cozy, without drenching in your own moisture!


Another Feature – ZERO Gravity.

They’re available in all massage chairs over $2000 in price. To lack that would put those chairs to shame. But luckily, they do carry those features! With ZERO Gravity, you can switch into a supine position. This lets you use get massaged without gravity affecting your spinal cord. Not to mention, it makes them perfect for naps too!



Both chairs cost as much as low-end cars. So they’re big, conspicuous, and heavy. The INADA chair shipping weight is 367 lbs. (166 KG). And the Pharaoh’s is 390 lbs. (177KG). For perspective, a large fridge is anywhere from 250 to 400 lbs. And those are hard enough to move around…Those chairs are extremely heavy. And this means that after installation, they stay where they are. Both are getting shipped by expert handlers. And to change their positions, you’ll need assistance. So when buying either, you need a planned location. That’ll be a recreation room, a large private office, (or for businesses) a public salon.


So Size is Bad?

Not at all. Size has advantages. First, it means the chair can hold more weight. So obese people can use those chairs, without risk of damage!


Then there are electronics.

Massage seats aren’t heavy from “leather and foam padding.” They’re heavy due to the electronics installed…And with high end chairs, plenty of those electronics exist. They give you the endless features that only exist in luxury!


Speaking of Luxury…

It’s time we look at each chair in-depth. We’ll describe their unique features, and why you should buy one!

 Inada Dreamwave massage chair review

INADA Dream Wave Analysis.

This chair’s most striking feature is its color. It has a deep dark brown look. And right away, you can call this an advantage…Why? Because this color is excellent for furniture. You can fit this chair well with multiple interior décor designs. This chair works with neutrally colored walls and tiles. They also work well with antique furniture. Its color is more reminiscent of an office environment. As a result, you can use this chair in those environments!


Color Retention.

Darker furniture is known to show less stains. In a sense, this chair won’t easily show signs of overuse…It certainly won’t display spills and stains well. Not to mention, you can clean it off, since it’s made from leather!


Fabric & Upholstery.

It’s made from leather, which is a pro. But, it is synthetic leather… And this might be the first disadvantage on our list. After all, if you’re paying $9000, you’d expect real leather – right? Beyond the leather, there are certain complaints with upholstery. That is, it doesn’t look too elegant. We’ll leave the elegance factor for your tastes. The way we see it, this chair focuses more on a modern look than an elegant one. If you want elegance – try the Pharaoh chair (we’ll get to it soon).



Massage chairs aren’t for show (to an extent). If you’re buying one, you do so for functionality. And the INADA Dream Wave delivers that… For starters, it gives you 1000 manual massage options. And you don’t get much customization beyond that! However, if you want something that’s “click and use,” this chair supplies that too. It gives you 16 pre-programs for massaging.


Massage Technology.

The rollers of this chair use what INADA calls “Dream Wave Technology.” Here, the rollers move in a figure 8 motion. And this allows for a wide range of angles that push onto your back muscles!


Suitable for All Age Groups.

Got children or seniors using this chair? If so, you can set a program specifically for them. This chair provides youth sessions for gentle massages that correct and improve spinal health!


Storage Pockets & Cup Holders.

A key trait of this model. Oddly enough, both are lacking in the Pharaoh model. But they’re present in INADA. And this gives this chair a vital advantage…That is, it’s more “casual friendly.”

With cup holders and pockets, you can drink and read. You can store newspapers/magazines for a quick sift. You can add in your phone, tablet, or even work files! This makes the chair more convenient to use. You can actually multi-task with the INADA chair, making it suitable for “relaxing work”!


Remote Control.

Oddly enough, the Pharaoh model nowhere describes remote use. However, the INADA chair provides that. It allows for easy control of the chair. It lets you swap modes, change heating, and customize your massages!


Bodyfriend Pharaoh Analysis.

Let’s start with color and fabric. This chair comes with “gold/beige” leather. It’s a contrast to the INADA chair. But it gives it a different aesthetic…This chair looks more feminine. It’s more classical in style. It also looks like a “first class” airplane seat. So it does play the luxury role quite well. And this makes this chair more suitable for commercial use. After all, its looks do the marketing!

 Bodyfriend Pharaoh massage chair review


The Pharaoh comes with an SL frame. This is the “top line” standard for massage chair technology… And this piece of information is vital. Because it’s actually lacking in the INADA model. The INADA model’s rollers aren’t properly advertised. But this one’s rollers are. So you know what to expect on a “holistic” level. And the functionality doesn’t stop with the “SL frame.” Like the INADA model, this chair has automatic massage programs. But it comes with 3 less, with only 13 programs. Nevertheless, it makes up for its lack of options through comfort.



This chair is extremely well-padded from top to bottom. Its legs are adjustable, and are also thick. This makes it a comfortable chair for use by taller people! The padding also applies to the shoulders and head (both being adjustable). If anything, this chair cares much for posture. And it tries to maximize your position control at any given time!


ZERO Wall.

Most massage chairs come with a ZERO Gravity feature. The Pharaoh has that. But it takes it a step further with “ZERO wall traits.” Through it, you save space. You can slide the chair forwards and backwards, even in ZERO gravity positions. This lets you use it in small recreation rooms and salons!


That’s it for the Analysis.

Time for a verdict on each chair. Both are good. But they obviously suit different markets. The INADA chair works best for private consumers. It’s designed to mesh well with many interior decorative designs. And it comes with tools that maximize casual and individual use. However it’s slightly more expensive. But that’s something to expect, if you’re paying to be the only user. As for the Pharaoh chair, we see it works best in commercial environments. That doesn’t mean it’s bad for private use. You can buy it for that. But its design stresses a luxury look and function over casual use. If you’re a business owner (running a salon, spa, massage parlor), this is the chair to get.


Final Note.

Both chairs are serious investments. They’re expensive, where picking the right chair matters. Be sure to explore both in detail. Then, buy the chair that suits you best!

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