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Lemons With Polka Dots

Who else is up for fruit nails? From watermelons to oranges everything is now a part of nail art designs. So why not give it up for the juicy lemons too in this heat? It’s true that half of the dishes you make and eat at home are incomplete without the addition of lemon in them. And not just the food, what about the drinks? How can you forget about the mint lemonade and cocktails? Today’s the day you got to try out the hot lemon with polka dots nail art. You’ll surely want to make a lemonade for yourself then!

Full Lemon with Polka Dots Nail Art:

This is a perfect nail art to try when going out on the pool party to have some lemon drinks and kill the scorching heat. White nail color looks the best with the lemon yellow one.


  1. Start your lemon nail art by applying base coat on all your fingernails.
  2. Now select a light base nail color. A mint nail polish or white would look great with lemon nail color.
  3. Here, white nail color is used. Paint your nails with white nail polish.
  4. With the help of striper brush draw small circles using lemon nail color and lime nail color. (refer to the picture)
  5. Wait for the circles to dry. After that, paint in tiny triangles using lemon and lime nail color in lemon and lime colored circles respectively. (refer to the picture)
  6. Using a dotting tool make polka dots with lemon nail color in the space between lemon and lime.
  7. To finish off the nail art, apply a matte top coat on the nails.

The size of the circles can vary from small to large and you can even skip the lime part and keep the lemons only. Ready to hit the sun lounger then?



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