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What is the Magnetic Jet in a Pedicure Chair?

Magnetic jet in pedicure chair

Our focus in today’s article will be to discuss the purpose of the magnetic jets that are in a pedicure chair, and what benefits there are to having them.

As dull a task as it might seem, cleaning your pedicure chairs is an important part of your duties when working in a salon. After every client, you have to wipe down the chair, disinfect the basin, and if you don’t have a pipe-less pedicure chair then you also have to go through the hassle of cleaning the pipes. All in all, cleaning a pedicure chair is tedious and there’s no argument about it.

With this in mind, when it comes to running a salon you want to streamline your cleaning process in any way that you can so that you and your employees can spend less time cleaning, and more time on your customers. This is where magnetic jets come in.

The Pedicure Chair’s Jets Aren’t Used

This might come as a bit of a surprise. After all, when you’re purchasing a pedicure chair one of the main things that you look into is the jets. However, when you have a magnetic jet, disposable liners are used to prevent the basin and other parts of the chair from getting dirty and thus, making it a lot easier to clean. Because of the disposable liner, the pedicure chair’s jets simply cannot be used.

When you use a disposable liner in the pedicure chair’s basin, it will contain the water so that whenever it is filled up, the water doesn’t touch the basin and it doesn’t need to be cleaned afterwards.

Of course, you’re probably wondering how your pedicure chair will continue to function properly considering its jets will be covered up, but when you have a magnetic jet you can disable the chair’s jets. That’s right – with this small handy device, you can continue providing a luxurious service while at the same time making the clean-up job easy.

So, if you want to make your life a lot easier, minimize how much cleaning you have to do after a customer has used your pedicure chair, and stop buying as much of those expensive cleaning products, disposable liners and a magnetic jet are worthwhile investments.

What a Magnetic Jet Is

Magnetic jets are designed so that after you place a disposable liner around the pedicure chair’s basin you can place the jet over it.

With the magnetic jet, you’ll also have to install a jet and a motor on the outside of the bowl. Typically, two magnets are used to connect the jet to the motor so that it can be powered and create the whirlpool that massages your customer’s feet.

Magnetic jets are just one of the many kinds of pipe-less jets that you can get for your pedicure chairs and in comparison to traditional chairs, where pipes are a key component, it really is a step up. Aside from the fact that it’s easier to clean a pipe-less chair, it’s also more sanitary for your customers.

How Magnetic Jets Work

As we mentioned above, there are two main components of the magnetic jet – the magnetic jet itself and the jet’s motor, which is used to create the much-loved whirlpool. After purchasing a magnetic jet you will be instructed to install it outside of the chair’s basin. Whenever you need to use the magnetic jet you must plug the motor into an outlet.

When using the jet, all you have to do is put It inside of the basin, let the magnets connect properly, and turn on the motor. Within seconds, the jet will be creating a strong force and supporting the water to massage your customer’s feet.

Why You Should Consider Using a Magnetic Jet

Now that you have an understanding of how magnetic jets work and what it is that they do, below we have listed some of the different reasons for you considering the purchase.

Noiseless. One of the unpleasant aspects of a traditional pedicure chair is that the jets which are used are incredibly noisy. This is a result of the water being carried throughout the chair’s pipes and being jetted into the basin. Given that a magnetic jet requires nothing more than the two parts which we listed above, there is virtually no noise being made and you can enjoy a calmer salon.

Sanitary. If you have a traditional pedicure chair and you’re considering a magnetic jet, it will make your life a lot easier for one reason – you don’t have to clean the pipes. The pipes are the most difficult and time-consuming part of the chair to clean and to top it off, you have to use expensive cleaning products to clean them effectively. With a magnetic jet, minimal cleaning is required, you don’t have to use those expensive products as frequently, and your customers can enjoy a bacteria-free pedicure.

Cost. Some pedicure chairs will come with fitted with a magnetic jet while others will give you the option to install one on your own. Now, if we take into consideration how much it will cost you to run a pedicure chair, how little it costs to run a magnetic jet, and the cost of the cleaning chemicals, you are going to save yourself a lot of money in the long run by having a magnetic jet.

Maintenance. The odds are that over the lifetime of a pedicure chair you’ll have to contact a professional to come out and repair one of the components. This is something that all salon owners will experience and if you only have a few chairs available for your customers to use, it can be a real inconvenience. However, if you were to use a magnetic jet instead then you don’t have to worry about maintenance as you can simply replace it yourself, or even use the chair’s jets as a temporary measure.

As you can see, there are nothing but benefits to using a magnetic jet with your pedicure chair. Even if this is a new piece of equipment to you, you will be able to get it set up and take your salon in the right direction.

Do All Pedicure Chairs Have Magnetic Jets?

Not all pedicure chairs have magnetic jets but, as we mentioned before, you are able to purchase them and install them on your own without too much hassle. However, keep in mind that in order to reap the benefits of a magnetic jet, you should also use disposable liners and replace them after each customer has used the chair.

Considering you won’t have to go through the dreaded process of cleaning the pedicure chair’s pipes, it really is a godsent!

To Conclude…

All in all, magnetic jets can be very useful in a salon environment. Not only are they a time-saving piece of equipment but they are quieter and will provide a much better overall experience for your customers. If you don’t already have magnetic jets for your salon’s pedicure chairs, go ahead and get your hands on them now!

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