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Manicure & Pedicure Safety Tips

A trip to the nail salon can be considered as a treat, but it can also be dangerous due to the involvement of harsh chemicals and toxins that are present in the beautification products. Notably, you can smell the surrounding air of the nail salon as good, but it may have a significant quantity of noxious fumes and dust that are not only harmful but also can lead to serious diseases like cancer. Those who are allergic to dust or have the problem of asthma may even suffer from serious breakdowns if not taken with proper care.

There are many cases where the people have reported cases of illness or skin infections just after their salon visit, but often the fact of considering the unhygienic salon conditions is ignored. As per the nail salon guidelines and the norms, each branded salon nowadays has proper checks and audits to avoid the serious triggers. Though there are much-advanced tools and equipment present to eliminate the risk of illness or any type of hazards, self-preparation is always necessary to move a step ahead of all exceptions.

Undoubtedly, the process of manicure and pedicure is a soothing experience, but still, ladies you need to note some of the safety tips to prevent yourself from any sort of infection. Here we have few important safety tips that you should tie a knot with while in a nail salon.

  1.      Check For The Cleanliness

This is the first step as you enter any of the nail salons weather it’s big or small. Always keep an eye on the floor, the tables, the bowls, the pedicure/ manicure apparatus, etc. If you see any remains or the nail job waste that should be garbage but present around the workstations, take it as an alarming note. Sometimes even the small things are enough to spread a deadly infection or disease. Fungal infections are most common to come in action when there are any unhygienic trends set. Even if there are trash bins available, they should be closed properly with a lid that is tight enough to cut the contact of waste from the external environment.

  1.      Check For The Proper Ventilation

The air surrounding the nail salon may have a number of chemical fumes and toxins that on inhalation produces the adverse health effects. Only the fresheners with nice smell are not enough to fight with the harmful bacteria; high-quality air purifiers are always recommended to make the air fresh with the neutral odor. You should have a look at the air purifier present at the premises and make sure it just should not be fitted; it should be working too. Moreover, there must be proper ventilation and exhausts to add more life to the oxygen content.

  1.      Judging the Nail Techie

Make sure your nail techie should have enough experience to perform the job and looks tidy and clean too. Ensure she always cleans her hand properly before taking the next service. She should be patient enough to exchange the thoughts and providing the best suitable procedure as per the skin and nail type. Many people hesitate to open their doubts while watching the nail job; it is highly recommended you should speak up wherever you feel like.

  1.        Avoid Shaving Your Hands and Legs

This one has the utmost importance as ladies generally get make mistakes at this point of decision. Mostly the thinking is just to get ready for all the other things keeping the manicure and pedicure remaining only that can be performed later in the salon. Shaving should strictly be avoided as the infections and bacterias become more prominent in passing the way to your body via soft invisible rashes and pores. For best results, keep a gap of a day or two or shave after you get done with the salon services.

  1.        Pushing Cuticle

Some of the nail techies push the cuticle to the last edge to highlight the length and the shape of the nail. Ask your nail artist to avoid pushing the nail cuticle with too much force as it makes way for the infections to enter and weakens the base of the nail. Also, the cuticle shaping serves the purpose for a temporary phase due to its natural growth rate and makes you visit the nail salon more frequently.

  1.      The Usage of Lotions and Oils

Lotions, creams, oils, masks, and scrubs are the products the use of which often repeats between the clients. Make sure your nail artist is not touching the bottleneck or the oil directly with her active hand. Contamination at any form should be avoided, and as the precautionary measure, clean spatula should be used to remove the products and applicator bottle or dropper for the product application.

  1.        The Pedicure Bowl

The feeling of soaking the legs in lukewarm water with smooth oils and scrubs is really mind-blowing as it bursts out the stress and gives the immense pleasure. However, if the water of the tub has not been changed with the new client, the chances of getting the fungal infections and diseases like psoriasis become prominent. Also, the capacity of the pedicure water to remove the dead cells and excess nail cuticles decreases with multiple applications. Always notice that the water you are going to soak your legs was changed or flushed well to set your mind free of infections.

  1.      The Tools

The nail art tools are greatly in touch with the body and nail tissues of each customer to get the nail job done perfectly. Though, repetition of the same tool should be avoided between the clients. What if the previous customer had some sort of nail disease or infection that can spread further? Ask your nail salon about the procedure they use to sterilize their tools. Usually, a hospital graded sanitizer is recommended to soak the tools for some time to get rid of the infections. Moreover, if they commit to using the brand new disposable tools every time, make sure to see the packaging to tear out in your front.

  1.        The File Pattern

To make you aware, there are multiple files available these days that come in various grits to serve the purpose as per the nail type and thickness. Most of the nail techies use the general file for every requirement that may harm the natural beauty of your nail and can make it weak too. See for the right file that goes smoothly for you and produces the minimum sound during operation. Further, notice your nail not getting filed from the front in a regular course, instead allow for it only when you need a different shape or style that genuinely demands the front-filing.

  1.                         Disease Open Up

It's not only about the infections that may get in the nail salon, but it's about the precautionary measures too that you set when entering the premises. Always try to open up if you have any skin disease of nail infection with you so that proper proactive measures can be carried out to avoid the further spread. Don't ever hesitate to share your problems with the techie if you have a disease like diabetes; It may help you out to avoid the procedures that may be harsh for your skin and involve greater chances of infection.

  1.                         High-Intensity Dryers

With the technology entering into the beautification industry day by day, people are enjoying its benefits and superfast actions. Nail salons too have many types of equipment that are available for nail marking, drilling, and drying, etc. Certainly, high intensity of the blow dryers and the UV dryers is harmful to the area of application as it produces damage to the skin cells. Undoubtedly they are fast but make sure they should be set to the optimum value to provide the best results without causing any significant aftereffects.

To summarize, there is no substitute available to match the natural beauty but still, if you want to enhance yourself to the glory and feel the charm like a diva, then realize you are aware of all the possible pros and cons of the pedicures and manicures. Your body is beautiful, and only you can take the best care of it. There are certain major facts that you should pass to your nail techie when in for the procedure - having diabetes, open wound, any skin infections or rashes. Further, for the dust/smell allergic people, as a precautionary measure, they can keep a mask handy in their bag and wrap their face off, by the time the nail job gets done.

Remember, too much chemical application, and excess of manicure and pedicure may even worsen your skin tone making it look dull and loose. So, always consult the experts for the frequency and gap between the procedures to get the best results.

Last but not the least, always choose the certified and trusted nail salon partners with high standards that can assure you of their services setting you free to the maximum extent.

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