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Massage Chairs vs. Therapists: Who Should You Choose?

That’s tough question. You can make a good case for either side. Sometimes, therapists are best. Other times, it’s a massage chair. So who should you choose? This is something we’ll help you with. Below, we’ll analyze both options. We’ll give you their pros and cons. And we’ll give you situations where they work best. Then, we’ll summarize which options suits who!

First – A Massage Therapist’s Advantages.

Traditionally, that’s what people think of when mentioning “massages.” They don’t consider chairs. In fact, that might be the last thought to cross their minds! And this is for a reason. Therapists are a more popular option… Therapists are more affordable than a chair. More people use them. And you can work alone too!


You can enjoy massage therapy sporadically.You can do it once a week, a month, or every holiday. So you have control over the “upfront costs” of massaging.You don’t spend more than 2 digits a session. In fact, you can get cheap offers if you’re a therapist’s regular!

Multiple Methods.

Massage therapy isn’t an exclusively Western activity. It’s a “medical art” if you want to call it that. It’s been used in Asia, Europe, and all civilizations throughout history. So you can try out many techniques. So with a therapist, you’re getting a buffet of relaxation! One day you can try a Swedish massage. And on another, you can try a Thai or Chinese version! And many of them are effective, where the use unique techniques. For example, a massage therapist can incorporate aromatherapy into your treatment. Or, they can use acupuncture (which is the Chinese version). Even better, your therapist can customize your sessions per your medical specifications!

Medical Massaging.

Maybe your muscular tension is exclusively focused in your back. Or, maybe it’s focused in your neck, arms, thighs, or other body parts. A therapist can effectively reach those locations. From there, they’ll design therapy to target those areas.

Another Alternative – DIY.

You can be your own therapist. You don’t need a therapist’s help. You can do the job at lower costs, if none! All you need is a little lotion, and a way to reach difficult spots. And if you can’t do it alone, just get the help of someone else! This could be a friend, a spouse, or a family member!


Massage therapy clinics are everywhere. You’re not restricted only to your home town, or spas near your residence… You can get a massage anywhere. As we mentioned before, it’s a common practice. And there are certified massage therapists everywhere! So you can get it at home. You can get it on holidays. And you can get it even when you relocate! 

Sounds Interesting.

Of course. But do note that getting a therapist (or being your own) has its drawbacks.

Second - Therapist Disadvantages. Over the long-term, it’s expensive. At least, it’s more expensive than getting a massage chair. You attend multiple sessions. And the more you attend, the more the costs wrack up… And this makes habitual visits expensive. In fact, if you want massaging to be a habit, a chair is your best bet.

Less Privacy.

For an effective massage, DIY isn’t your best option. Don’t get us wrong. You can use self-massage techniques effectively. But they don’t apply to your back and neck… And that’s where you need massaging most. So you need someone to massage you. And this isn’t a convenient option, if you’re someone relaxes in privacy.

Time Consuming.

Massage therapy takes a half hour for a proper session. This excludes the time needed to commute, get ready, and then finish and get back home. Over all, a single session lasts 1-2 hours, if not more. And you can’t do much while getting your massage… It’s hard watching TV or checking your phone. You can’t do anything on computer. And even reading can get difficult. That is, unless you’re getting massaged in a chair. In which case, you have many options at your disposal…

Speaking of Chairs…

We believe it’s time to discuss those. They offer a unique set of advantages that are better than a therapist visit!

Third – Massage Chair Benefits.

The first is independence. The chair is yours. You use it as you wish, and without the help of others. You can get a massage and relax without the interference of a therapist. And it suits people with an introverted disposition.

Upright Posture.

Massage chairs give you the rubs you need in a seated position. While you can swap to supine, this isn’t a “must.” It’s an option you can experience while trying to get a nap! But being upright is helpful. It frees you up for many activities next to your massage. You can read, finish work, talk to people, watch TV/videos, etc. Also, you can enjoy a nice drink while getting your massage. And that’s not something you get lying flat on your stomach!

It’s a Home Item.

And this means no need to venture outdoors. Want to get a massage? Just head over to your chair. You can start in a matter of seconds. And you can finish when you want too! With a massage chair, you can take breaks in between home work. Or, you can use it to relax after a long workday! No need to dress up. No need to be in public. And no need to leave the comfort of your home!

Extreme Comfort.

What point is a massage if you don’t feel comfortable? Massage chairs understand that principle. All massage chairs are well padded and cushioned to support you. A good massage chair supports your head, neck, legs, lower back, and gives you excellent arm rests! This comfort has added benefits. That is, you can use your massage chair as a napping bed. It’s quite comfortable. In midst of work hours, you can just fall asleep for a while. And the cushioning makes that a reality!

Many Options.

Just like massage therapy, chairs give different types of massages. And what you get differs from one model to another. With one chair, you get more rollers (for a more wholesome massage). Others let the rollers operate at different dimensions. This gives them more angles that target specific muscles! Also, there are pre-programmable modes for massage chairs. You can use those if you want something instant!

Fourth – Massage Chair Drawbacks.

Alright, so that’s it for the pros. Drawbacks aren’t many with massage chairs. There are only three to consider. And those drawbacks are easy to resolve. 


Massage chairs cost anywhere from $500 to $9000. Many of them lie in the $1000 to $3000 range. And that’s a hefty price to pay for a piece of furniture… However, a massage chair is something you only buy once. And maybe it gets replaced every 10 years. It’s a long-term investment. And you don’t need to be rich to own one. You just need to take proper care of one.

No Trial & Error.

A chair isn’t like a therapist. If you don’t like a chair, you can’t change it. You can’t head to a different massage therapist or spa… You’re often stuck with the chair. After all, they’re quite expensive (as we mentioned earlier). So you can’t sell one away without losing much of its value… And this means you need care picking one. You need to shop for a while and do deep research before committing.


Massage chairs are heavy. They weigh anywhere from 100 to 300 lbs. They’re difficult to move around. And most definitely, they’re not items you can assemble or disassemble yourself. You always need a specialist’s help (a company representative). And this costs money, especially if you change residence, and you take your chair with you.

Conclusion – What Should You Go For?

This is up to you.If you’re more socially withdrawn, with a stable lifestyle, and a need for solitude – get a massage chair. If you’re the opposite, with a less than stable residence, and need for a social environment, sign up for a therapist. However, there’s no harm in trying both. You can own a massage chair and opt for a therapist, if you have the money. Or, you can regularly visit a spa to try different massage chairs, before buying your own. Whatever option you choose, before sure to explore before committing to a choice!


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