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Glitter Anchor

With the tattoo industry getting overwhelmed with the anchor designs, the nail art designs are now filled with the glittery marine iconic anchors too. Just like the anchor adds up to the hope, safety and security on the voyage, add the element of hope to your life too! The following steps will help you design a symbolic glitter anchor nail art everyday anywhere:

Full Glitter Anchor Nails:

Whatever outfit you wear, this nail art will go with it. However, you can match the color scheme as per the colors of your wonderful dress.


  1.       Apply a clear protective base coat on your fingernails before applying any other base nail color.
  2.       Select three nail colors out of which one should be the glittery one. In this art, white and baby pink nail colors are used along with glittery gold nail polish.
  3.       Apply two coats of baby pink nail polish on all your fingernails except the ring fingernail. On the ring fingernail paint white nail polish.
  4.       Using a striper brush paint two thick horizontal stripes of white nail color on the middle fingernail.
  5.       Now again using a striper brush paint two thin horizontal stripes of glitter gold nail polish in the middle of thick white stripes. (refer to the picture)
  6.       With the help of detail, brush uses glitter gold nail polish to make a plus sign in the upper middle of ring fingernail. Extend its vertical line a little towards the nail tip. Make a crescent and modify the shape into an anchor by drawing arrow heads. (refer to the picture given)
  7.       Apply high shine top coat on the nails.
  8.       Attach rhinestones on the index fingernail and small fingernail. (refer to the picture)

The anchor designs have made the ladies hand appear younger and chic. Mix and match stripes, waves, tides, chevron stripes and polka dots with the anchors. You’d love the rebellious touch it adds to your nails!

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