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Amazing Nail Art Ideas For Short Nails

Do you like the stylish nail art designs but refrain yourself for the reason of having the short nails? To make you aware, more than 40 % of the females have the same concern. Having short nails is not just only about the choice, some of the professions/practices demand the ladies cut their nails off to the grain.

Despite the facts, if you truly love to beautify your hands and want to show all the cool-girly-attitude side of yours, look for the wide variety of nail patterns in the trend to suit you up. There are so many designs available that we bet, you will be simply confused choosing between any two. Don't think about it and let's give it a try. We understand some of you cannot wear the nail art for all the day long as you have to resume the office for the next formal presentation, but at the least, be little experimental this time when you gather for a quick party or any function. Let the others admire and talk about your never-seen side. Believe, it's not that time consuming, and additionally, it's easy to remove too.

Let us help you out to get that glam look and learn about amazing nail art ideas for short nails

Acrylic Nails

First and foremost, it’s the easiest way to enhance the beauty of your hands. Grab the readily available set of acrylic nails from the next door beauty outlet or the brand chain and get yourself all set in a flash. Acrylic nails are the artificial nails that you can stick onto the nail beds applying the glue and the matte top coat. Don't worry; you will get the instructions on the back side of the pack too. The thing which you need to consider is the matte topcoat application that will help you to hold the false nails longer.

Acrylic Nail Tips

Similar to the acrylic nails, acrylic nail tips are best suited when you just want to glow the tips of your nails. The application is same, but the look is entirely different. You can wear your favorite nail paint and stick the false tip on the top to flaunt the second shade and the longer look. You can also leave your nails glossy with the nude transparent polish and paint the tip with white or any vibrant hues to get the feeling like a beauty queen. It's that simple and requires a short time to dry up.

The Loose Glitter

Girls love crafts and the creative things. You will love this method for sure as it involves sprinkling of the loose glitter to stylize the nails. Yes, you read it right. Get the loose glitter from the nearby craft shop and be creative designing your nails. Apply some nail paint of your choice and when it’s wet, simply sprinkle the loose glitter to give you the desired pop star look. Make sure to be even when you choose for the quantity on each nail. One, two, three and that’s all! This look is so simple to get and ultra-easy to dry.

The Tiny Pearls

If you are looking to get the elegant-graceful yet a candid look, you should try for the tiny pearls. These pearls are so tiny to draw you a nail outline, with each shine adding some charm to your personality. You can stick them down as per your desire- like on the nail outline, the cuticle side, or just in the mid of the nail to flaunt the remarkably-clean and tidy design. Make the pattern when your nail paint is wet, or you can also glue them to get the ultimate finish.

The Small Metallic Stars/Studs

How would you like it when you see small metallic stars appending allurement to your nails and proffering you the angel-feel? We know you will want it for sure. Metallic studs and the stars can glam up your short nails in an entirely distinct vogue. You can get them from the next craft shop or order online to complete your nail kit. Simply stick them on the wet nail paint to show the wonders. Let the application dry and bang; you got it ready just in minutes. Waaoh! You can thank us later.

The Outliner Look

This method of stylizing the short nails is the perfect definition of -simplicity has all the charms. Get yourself familiar with this easy to achieve look and let the people see you differently. You can change the color pattern as per your attire and set your aura of fashion sense. Simply apply nail paint and outline it with a different shade to complete the expression. Avoid the cuticle side when outlining to give an illusion of longer nails. When you get done, polish once again with the top coat and leave the stunningly-glossy finish to do the work for you.

The Horizontal or Vertical Lines

Thinking to wear your favorite striped top this weekend? Well go ahead then but with a little change this time. Boost your overall style painting your nails with the all-new horizontal-line pattern. Again, you can match it up with the color of your attire. Nothing is complicated here, all you need to do is to paint your nails with the base coat and when dry, draw the contrast horizontal or vertical lines to complete the look. It's super-fast. Make sure you add a top coat layer too for the glossy-professional class.

The Splash

If you are planning to go out for shopping or want to expose yourself to the sun in the sandy beach, the splash will fit you the best. We know the name has made it already clear, but still, we want to explain it to you. The most famous of all is the Golden -Turquoise pattern which you can try this time. Simply coat the nails with a turquoise base color and splash freehandedly the golden nail paint with the help of the nail-polish brush. Just dip the latter, squeeze the extra paint as here we are not going to repaint the previous layer, and splash with the free strokes. Let it dry and apply the topcoat to finish the look like a pro.

ðOmbre Nail Art

Nail art designs are incomplete without the ombre designs. Primarily, they are most suited for the short nails. In no time you can manage to flaunt your nails from normal to flawless. Undoubtedly, there are so many shades that you can try, but the best in trend is the pink-purple mashup. Simply cover your nails with the natural pink coat and let it dry. Take a small sponge and draw thin lines of blue color in gradation. Now stamp it over and enjoy the shaded theme. You can remove the extra punches of the side walls with the help of the nail polish remover. At last, complete the ombre effect coating it with the sparkle topcoat. So creative, isn't it?

Polka Dots

Polka dots are always fun. They include evergreen fashion remark that you can choose to follow in the nail art too. Pick your color pattern and let us help you to recreate the polishing pattern. To start with, cover your nails with the base coat and let them dry for few minutes. Now get your nail color for the dots and get ready to make them. Wait, we know the major mistake that commonly all the ladies make. Do not use the regular nail polish brush to design the dots; instead go for the metal pin or the toothpick. Just dip it and stamp the dots finely. It will leave you with the perfection and the sharp finish. To complete the look, apply a transparent topcoat and flaunt it like a pro.

Nail Stickers

Get yourself a set of nail sticker and complete your nail kit. When you have no time, or you feel like lazy, simply take the stickers and put them on your nails. That's it. Choose them according to your favorite pattern and enjoy the effortless charm. For better hold, you can use matte topcoat before the application. These stickers are cheap and easily available in the cosmetics store and brand outlets.

There are so many other creative ways available to adorn the short nails, but we have gathered the best as per the trend. All these methods are simple, and you can try them by yourself. Be a little patient when you start as you can't get the perfect nails in a go. It takes continuous practice to achieve the hold on the brush.

Now we are pretty sure you have enough more ideas floating in mind and, you are going to try them soon. So, don't wait for the perfect time, make your time perfect and enhance your confidence to the next level. Let your friends and colleagues ask you about how you manage to visit the salon so frequently and answer them with a wink in your style

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