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Nail Supplies For Nail Art Addict

We all admire the latest nail art designs boasted by the icons like Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. It's always great fun to paint the nails in a way that all notice, admire and talk about. Good looking and well-polished nails have all sort of caliber to enhance the overall personality smoothly. It was the time when nail art was believed to restrained only to the long nails, but now regardless of the size; you can embellish them as per your desire. Markedly, a lot of creative nail art designs are available these days that you can quickly pick and craft following your overall vogue and outfits.

Considerably, not always we have enough time to visit our favorite nail art salon and get our nails done. It can happen with everyone going in a quick party, get together or anything. Sometimes, time issue is the most significant problem for the nail art addicts who can't live without their nails as correctly managed and tidy. If you are one of those nail art addicts, how you manage to maintain your nails when you have the shortage of time? Confused! Are you the one skipping the part half-heartedly and later feel like incomplete with something? Well, we got a solution for you. In this article, we are going to help you out with the nail supplies that you can manage to keep with yourself and get the nail job done by your own. Here is the list-


  •         Water Bowl

To start with the procedure, you will need a water bowl to soak your hands in it. Soaking makes it easy to clean out the nail bottom that is required to attain a proper hygiene. Make sure that the bowl should have a non-slippery base and enough space to carry your both hands in a go.

Get to wait for a while before applying any coating as water expands the nail pad and it takes around 3-4 minutes to settle it down.

  •         Soft Brush

Include a soft brush if you face issues in the cleaning of the nails and feel toughness in getting to the edges. Wetting hands in the lukewarm water and then brushing gently with the bristles will help you to sort out the issue .Be as smooth as possible to avoid the rashes.

  •         Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is the essential product that you should have with you all the time. A good quality remover not only helps to clean the nail polish but also moisturizes the nail surface leaving the glossy finish. Have a cotton ball handy to dip it in the chemical and rub gently to wipe out the previous coat.

  •         Cuticle Pusher Tool

This tool will help you to push the cuticles mildly, making the nail pad look more noticeable and neat. Be careful when using the nail cuticle and don't ever try to put force in haste. Misuse can even damage the cuticle and leave you with unwanted pain.

  •         Nail Cleanser

Many people get confused with this, but to note, nail cleanser is something different from the nail remover. It is required to clean the nails and the skin around them to prevent the infections. It also helps in developing a better base for the acrylic nail tips.

  •         Nail Cutter

You must be having two or three of these in your home. Nail cutters are very readily available and are found with everyone. Add a good quality nail cutter in your kitty and utilize it in cutting and shaping the nails as per your need.



  •         Matte Topcoat

Before applying the acrylic nails or your favorite color, remember to coat your nails with a good quality matte topcoat. This coat helps to maintain the pH level and make the paint to hold longer. It enhances your nails instantly to give you a non-glossy, cool-girl finish. Additionally, the top coat also serves as good when you care about the nail health.

  •         Nail Paints

Mostly all the nail jobs require a good quality nail paint and being a nail art addict; you should have your collection available. From pastel, glitter, metallic to jewel and vibrant hues, the range is just incredible. Choose those which you can apply quickly and precisely.

  •         Acrylic Nails and Tips

This product is in trend these days and is readily available in popular stores and brand outlets. Just you have to do is to grab a good quality acrylic kit and follow the instructions mentioned on the back side. These nails are easy to stick saving your lots of time and effort.

  •         Nail Paint Corrector Pens

Push your anxieties away as you don't need to be a pro to get the flawless-looking nails. All you need is the nail paint corrector pen to erase your mistakes from the side walls and the cuticles. These pens come with the tip that is doused in polish remover to give you a clean, professional finish. So paint freely, and let the pen do the wonders.

  •         Glitter Nail Polish Remover Pads

The glitter work is not easy to clean with the help of the regular nail paint remover. As the surface becomes uneven, it takes a level of patience and skills to clean the nail without making it rough and dry. To make the process easier, you can keep glitter nail polish remover pads in your bag that can wipe out any grittier glitter or finely milled paint in a flash. So easy, isn't it?

  •         Nail File

If you are thinking about the perfect nail shape, you can quickly achieve one with the help of the nail file. But, be wise to choose it as per your nail type and density as there are many available with various grits of smooth and course.

  •         Dotter Tool

It's a small tool with significant benefits. If you love to have dots over the nail polish but could not ever make it, try for the dotter tool to amaze yourself. You can get uniform and precise dots very easily and can take the nail polishing experience to the next level.

  •         Loose Glitter

Admire the new Hannah Montanna look by directly sprinkling the loose glitter over the base coat when it's wet. Or, just add some on the tips to get an ombré effect. Loose glitter application is fast, and the nail addicts honestly love it.

  •         Studs

If you are bored with the regular pattern and want to try something out of the box, then add some colored crystal domes, stash tiny studs and metallic circles in your nail kit. These all are easily available in the next door craft shop.  Apply them on your base coat when it's wet and get ready to flaunt your nails like a diva.

  •         Nail Stickers/Wraps

For the quick solution when you have no time to devote to the nail polishing process, have some nail stickers/wraps to do the work for you. These wraps are beautiful, classy and enough to proffer you with notice-me nails.

  •         Domed Pearls

Wear the elegant look on the go by adding domed pearls in your nail kit. These pearls add grace to your ladylike design and are super-easy to put on. You can easily get them from the nearby store or order them online.

  •         Nail Repair Formula

If you are on the side of experimentation and love to try trendy things, you must also take care of the nail health. Most of the products have chemical components in them which can make your nails dry and brittle. To avoid the aftereffects, you can add nail repair formula on your list. Applying this liquid overnight helps to restore the nail conditions bringing them back to a healthy and robust state.


Adding the products mentioned above in your kit will give you the power of self-beautification while saving a lot of time and energy. There are many other items like stripping tape and transfer foils available that you can add as per your fashion taste. So, don't wait, gather your products of your favorite brands and start painting nails like a pro. However, you need to take some precautions when you have something related to the cuticle.

For better finishing, professional nails salons are always recommended where the techies shape up excess cuticles by cutting them and pushing them accordingly. Additionally, if you are looking to get that narrow nail-top, then also self-service will not work as good. You will need the help of the professionally trained technician to deliver you the desired contour.

Undoubtedly, nail designs look fantastic and add a charm to your overall feminine aura, but always remember, excessive chemicals often destroy the natural beauty. Decide for some days in a month when you wear no harmful chemicals and work to preserve the healthy side of your natural asset. Moisturizers, aloe vera gel, and coconut oil are good for the nail health restoration and are comparatively cheaper. Last but not the least, beware when you file the tips. Extra pressure and wrongly chosen grits often break the nails leaving you in the condition where you will have to cut all the others too.

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