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Neon Pastel Peach

Tired of the dark colors all around the winter one waits for the summers to come by so that the neons can be a part of the summer nail art regime! But honestly, for quite a few number of people neon colors aren’t the favorite ones. It is because for them they are too bright and vibrant. To solve this issue, a neon pastel peach nail art would be an ideal idea! Not so bright yet not too dull. Think of a sunny day and your peachy nails. Read on to find the step by step tutorial.

Full Neon Pastel Peach Nail Art:

The most beautiful part of this nail art is the haywire nail polish. It gives a funky and flirty look to the dull neon pastel peach nail color. It’s a complete package of gorgeous creamy white base mixed with scattered neon colors of yellow, orange, purple and blue.


  1.       Start off your neon pastel nail art by applying a clear protective base coat on your nails.
  2.       You have to use a neon pastel peach nail polish color. It is bright yet pastel. Other than that you’ll need a haywire (with a white base) nail polish too. 
  3.       Waiting for each coat to dry, apply three coats of neon pastel peach nail polish on your fingernails, leaving the ring fingernail as it is.
  4.       Apply haywire nail polish on the ring fingernail. See if the single coat looks fine, otherwise paint a second coat too.
  5.       For a delicate finish, apply a high-shine top-coat on the nails at the end.

This is a very special kind of nail art, different from gradients, stripes, and floral designs. Neons can be too bright and pastels can be too dull. But the neon pastel peach looks fabulous with the creamy haywire nail polish.

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