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No-Installation, No-Plumbing Pedicure Chairs

Portable no plumbing pedicure spa chair

A pedicure is a necessary procedure to be included in the nail salon services. Most of the females prefer their nail salons after they observe the quality of the pedicure and the level of convenience added while the nail technician performs her job. Notably, when we talk about any of the beautification services, the very first thing that comes to our mind is - the comfort. Apparently, when in a good salon the client asks for the foot massage or the ankle rub, she has to do nothing other than to close her eyes and rest. Here is where the vital comes in. As a salon owner, this rest phase is the key for you to establish a long-term relationship with the clients. You can think of providing that extent of relief where the competitors fail and distinguish your services with a classy touch.

If you are thinking of what can be done better to enhance the client experience, let us help you for the same. Simply, include some modern pedicure chairs in your salon and let them spread the grace. Markedly, observing the need for the salon owners and keeping the comfort of the clients in mind, furniture manufacturers have come up with the best solution available- The No-Installation, No-Plumbing Pedicure Spa Chairs. These chairs carry the entire in-built caliber that is enough to lift any nail job experience to the next level. So don't wait, invite the envy from your competitors by adding the modern pedicure chairs in your salon and get ready to see some fabulous feedbacks in your log book.

Let us know more about the top features of no-installation, no-plumbing pedicure spa chairs that you can get as per your budget and need.

  •         No Installation

Here the term no installation means you will need not to require any external person to install the chair for you. Just get it, set it, and it's ready to take the clients. You will get a user manual at the time of the purchase and a demo to make it work. Simply amazing, it saves a lot of time that was expected for the fitment.

  •         No Plumbing

There is a difference between the two terms- pipeless, and no plumbing and people often get confused with them. No plumbing pedicure spa chairs come with a removable tub that you need to fill and change with water manually. Whereas, the pipeless chairs use small whirlpool jet motors to get the water circulate in the foot bath. Undoubtedly, the modern chairs come with both the features and you can choose them as per your need and desire.

  •         Massage

If you ask your clients what they like the most in the pedicure, most of them will give you the answer as massage. They simply love the opportunity to de-stress themselves and relax in the warmth. Many go for the pedicure when planning to attend the grand functions like marriage etc. and hence look for the place where they can lay down and relax for a while. The modern pedicure spa chairs come with the features of ultimate massage options using shiatsulogic technology, where the client herself can adjust the vibration and the heat level in the seat. Way to control the options can be either through the hand-rest pad or the remote control.

  •         Entertainment-Equipped Functionality

Depending upon what level of services you want to provide to your clients, you may look for the chairs added with the features of entertainment. Many salons include the TV stations and the radio for engagement, but nowadays the modern chairs come up with inbuilt features of VR glasses and sound docks that can be controlled separately as per the choice. Precisely what can be better than having the pedicure and a heated massage with the favorite track playing just in front!

  •         Soaking Tub Material

Hygiene is the primary factor that most of the clients perceive when taking the services. It may be a significant reason why many deter from visiting some specific salons in their area. Modern pedicure spa chairs are created with the thin coating of fine polish in their soaking tubs which help in smooth cleaning, leaving behind no remains of the previous blend. It greatly helps in getting rid of the mold growth and the bacteria.

  •         Adjustability

The comfort of the pedicure chair has a strong relationship with the level of adjustability it provides. Usually, clients never end with the posture they had chosen at the start and love to adjust the inclination while enjoying the massage and the nail cleaning job. The modern pedicure spa chairs enhance the overall experience by providing the buttons for setting up the sitting angle which allows the back support tilt to go to a maximum of 180o. Isn't it amazing!

  •         The Seat material

Chiefly fitted with the layers of memory foam, advanced pedicure chairs can provide a heavenly experience to your clients. The foam squeezes accordingly with the body weight, shape and adjusts itself with the pressure applied. The outer coverings vary in the beautiful range of pure, PU, faux leather and rexine. You can choose them in different colors to match the style and decor of your salon.

  •         Headrest

Depending upon the model of the chair you choose, the headrest can be fixed as well as removable. The fixed has some amount of extra memory foam or cushion fitted in the head area where the client can rest herself easily. The material squeezes and adjusts itself as per the applied pressure and the shape. The removable is the extra unit fitted at the top of the chair which can be adapted as per the height and posture of the client. Usually, the pedicure chairs are big with their size, so if the client fits herself in the chair only, you can remove the headrest to adjust the head angle more precisely.

  •         The Footrest

Footrests are usually required in the pedicure chairs to make the client undergo a comfier sense of relief by supporting the foot to aid the overall sitting posture. The inside material is usually a filling of the memory foam whereas the outside layer is somewhat waterproof to assist the wet process. Nowadays, mostly all the modern chairs come with a footrest attached to them which can be removed too.

  •         The Trolley

When the nail technician provides the pedicure, she may need different tools to perform her job along with the set of towel or the paper tissues to pat the foot to dry. Additionally, if the client asks for nail arts, then too different nail paints and materials are required to fulfill the need.

It would feel a little uneasy to the client when the nail techie grabs the various products from the nearby drawers or the sliders. It not only will break the focus but also will not provide that luxurious touch. To avoid the same, modern pedicure spa chairs have in-built trolleys at the bottom that can easily equip the pedicure essentials. So, the overall experience of both the nail techie and the client becomes good with all the products at just a hand away.


All in all, the features can be endless depending upon the budget, the need for your salon and the range of your services. Considerably, here we have listed the main points of which you can talk about when buying a standard pedicure spa chair. Always remember not be in haste when planning to replace your old conventional chairs with the modern ones as with so many features you may get confused and can land up to the one which was not actually needed. Be as thorough as possible and consult the nail techies for what exactly they struggle while providing the services to the client. The nail techies deal with the clients directly and can better help you with the selection of the new chairs.

Before you decide for the final choice of the chairs, its worth you take the time to experience sitting on them and feel what client can sense spending time on it. You can attend tradeshow or convention to give yourself the opportunity to try various chairs and models by putting yourself in the customer's shoes. Another point to note is most of the tradeshows and the conventions have their discounts and deals running to attract you with the instant purchase. Be snappy and ask for more concessions if they can provide on taking the multiple chairs at a time.

Last but not the least; keep in mind the hygiene factor. Look for the edges and the material of the soaking tub. Make sure it does not hold the water when cleaned as it may give a pass to the growth of the infections, and indeed you would not want your nail techie or the client to fall ill. Moreover, if there are some metal parts included, ask for the rust free coating to avoid the future damage due to water.

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