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Pastel Flamingo

Think there’s too much pink used when it comes to the nail arts related to flamingos? Well, this pastel flamingo nail art is a very different one. To rejuvenate with the flamboyant feathery flamingos, the trendiest pastel colors are used to come up with an innovative nail art design. It doesn’t have too many flamingos and certainly doesn’t house a pink nail color. Check it out!

Full Pastel Flamingo Nail Art:

The purpose of using a black nail color over pastels is to emphasize the beauty of a standing flamingo on the nails.


  1.       Apply a clear protective base coat on your nails.
  2.       Select three pastel nail colors, one dark nail color  you’d like to use for this nail art. Here, pastel blue and brown, nude and white nail colors are used.
  3.       Paint the small, middle and ring fingernail with pastel blue nail color.
  4.       Paint the thumbnail and index fingernail with pastel brown nail color.
  5.       On the small fingernail, paint a semi-circle at the cuticle with brown nail color. Using a detail brush draw lines of the semicircle on it with black nail color. Similarly, draw vertical lines at the blue painted area of the nail.
  6.       Paint the center of index fingernail and thumbnail  with pastel blue nail color. Draw vertical and horizontal black lines on them too, respectively, using detail brush.
  7.       Paint the center of middle finger nail vertically with nude nail color. Put on one or two white lines with a detail brush.
  8.       Draw a flamingo using striper and detail brush with black nail color on the middle and ring fingernail. Make a “2” first and then modify it into a flamingo. Paint its legs at the very end.
  9.       Refer to the picture given above for step 5,6,7 and 8.
  10.   Finish off with a top coat.

This nail art is quite a time taking but the dedication, patience, and hard work to recreate it is worthful. It’d look better on lengthy nails. Show some love to the sleek flamingos!

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