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The Professional Guide For Nail Supplies

There was the time when the count of women cosmetizing and painting their nails was less. Considerably, the nail salons and the nail artists became popular in the last decade when the females, especially the teenagers, recognized how beautiful they can look and how elegantly they can carry themselves with the well-styled properly-shaped nails. Though DIY kits for the nail jobs are available in the market, for sensing that professional touch, salon visit is just like obligatory.

Ultimately, knowing the current trend and the demand, a lot of people have come forward with their idea of starting a nail salon, but often they get confused about the nail supplies. Like all the other niches, beauty niche has also become crowded with so many brands and products available that are enough to put in a dilemma of choosing between the two. Indeed, the first impression is the last impression, and no one wants to build a kind of reputation that can last only for a temporary period.

Most people in today's era are informed enough to note even the fundamental things and the treatment you provide to them as a service provider. Without giving a second thought, it should be considered that the professional nail supplies and the equipment are vital if you have a long-term vision.

Needless to say, even the best nail techies fail to perform best when not provided with the right tools. So, let us put some light on the basics and know what exactly is required when starting a nail salon.

  •         Nail Clippers

Nail clipper is essential among all the other tools, and you just can't well trim the nails of your customers without having one. Before manicure, nail trimming is required which is done only with the help of this tool. To emphasize, as a salon owner you should never purchase any old nail clippers or the other tools to perform the nail job. 

A real nail artist requires a few different types of nail clippers -

Toenail Clippers: specially designed for trimming toenails to make the pedicure process much easier.

Nail Edge Clippers: allow you to shape the acrylic nails and creating a straight or round edge easily.

Standard Nail Clippers: specially designed for the hands of those who don't have the acrylic nails.


Acrylic nail tips are universally in demand, and you must keep its stock to the maximum. Nail tips of different designs and shapes are available in the market; all you need to do is the research for the best and make your customers go wow.


Acrylic nail kit is the support component to aid the Acrylic Nail Tips, so it becomes essential for you to ensure the stock of this to supply whenever needed by the nail technician. The complete package should include the following -

  •         Dappen Dish (glass cup)
  •         Acrylic Liquid
  •         Brush
  •         Acrylic Powder
  •         Nail Cleanser

Nail cleanser is different from the nail polish remover and is used to make the nail and the skin around it as clean to prevent the infections. It also helps in providing a stable base to the acrylic nails tips to hold the natural nail after the application.

  •         Nail Polish Remover

It is one of the must-have components that should be present in the nail salon for all time. As it is used to remove the nail paint, it is always recommended to use a good quality remover that can moisturize and prevent the dryness of hands. Additionally, you can also opt for the electronic nail removers available in the market.

  •         Hand Soap

Many nail technicians tend to use any antibacterial soap available, but it’s always suggested to use the soap that can soak the hands thoroughly and cleanse them without making the skin dry and tight. Moreover, using quality soap helps in softening of the nails and nail beds.

  •         Manicure Bowls

Manicure plays an important role when it's about the nail job. An average sized high-quality bowl can serve well if it has enough bases to prevent slipping, and inside space to soak the complete nails. But make sure for the material; it would be better if scratch less and easy to clean.

  •         Moisturizer

One of the most famous ingredients of the pedicure and manicure, moisturizer is used to give the customer a smooth feeling after getting the procedure done.  It is always suggested for the salons to have a good quality moisturizer that can get adequately soaked to the skin without being oily.

  •         Nail File Kit

Depending upon the type and the nail density of the customer, there are various types of file available to make the job of the nail techie much easier. By choosing the right one, you can efficiently file any of the rough edges of acrylic nails, broken acrylic nails and also can remove the stubborn nail polish with comfort.

Considerably, you should also include a diamond file that comes with the diamond dust coating on it to make the whole filing process as smooth and hygienic.

  •         Electric Nail File

As the name has made it clear, these are the filers that run automatically when switched on and you need to adjust the customer nail on it to get the job done.

  •         Nail Glue

Nail glue can be used efficiently to repair the broken acrylic nail instead of mixing the acrylic powder and liquid. It is super easy to use and convenient too. However, if the customer's acrylic nails are rough and the full set is needed, then the glue will not work, and you should opt to use to use acrylic powder and liquid.


  1.      Cuticle Exfoliator

Manicure or the nail service remains incomplete until the time you provide finishing to the cuticle. Cuticle exfoliator is a great tool that is used for reshaping and removing the dry and rough skins without causing pain.

  1.      Cuticle Oil
  2.      Cuticle Pusher

In addition to the cuticle exfoliator, Cuticle Oil is used to soften the cuticle skin, making it easier to push back by exposing more of the nail bed.

It is used to push the cuticle gently to highlight the nail bed and to provide a neat and clean look with a better surface for the acrylic nails

  1.      Cuticle Nipper

It is the subtle edge tool that is used to clean up the rough cuticles. However, it’s always suggested not to rely on this and limit only to the cuticle exfoliator, as it can cause infection and bleeding.

  1.      Bond Aid

It's a chemical that is widely used on the natural nail surface before applying any kind of glue, acrylic powder or liquid. Bond aid also helps in maintaining the pH level that keeps the nail healthy and firm.

  1.      Topcoat

After the process of the manicure, a topcoat is used to give a finishing touch that provides the nail with a glossy, elegant look for a long term.

  1.      Manicure Towelettes

Once your customer soaks her hands for the manicure, you should be ready with a towel handy to remove the chemicals after the process is done. If the towel is not available, you can also use thick white paper towels for the purpose.

  1.      The Toe Separators

Applying the nail paint on the toe is difficult as there are chances of one toe smudging polish to the other. Depending on the shape and size of the feet, toe separators make it easy for the nail technician to apply the nail paint thoroughly without having a fear of spill-over.

  1.      Pedicure Foot File

You must have observed the hardness difference between the foot and the hand nails. Well, for the foot nail filing process we have some different filers available that are specially designed to rub the harder nails without slip.

  1.                         Salon Smock

A salon smock is a nice thing to keep around in a salon as it can protect the nail techie’s clothes from the chemicals, making her clean and tidy to receive the next customer with a smile.

  1.                         Manicure Lamp

A high-quality table lamp is not properly the part of the nail supplies but is always useful to focus the preciseness and to avoid the cuts and slips. When cleaning the nail-edges or cutting the cuticle part, these lamps provide a crystal clear view to get the perfect results.


To summarize, the number of items that you can stock in your nail salon are countless, but things only get stabilize once you start with them. The things mentioned above are the basic without which you can't even think of the nail beautification process.

Markedly, it's not just about the excellent tools or oils and lotions that are used in the nail job, but it's more about having the skilled nail techies to provide the professional touch in every service.

If starting a nail salon, you should focus on both, the tools and the techies to handle them. The combination of both will help you to set a robust base for your reputation.

Additionally, there are some more advanced tools and accessories available in the market, but those are required once you get familiar with the basics. Start with the primary first and gradually witness the success getting closer to you.

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