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Purple Holographic

Are you tired of painting the same purple nail color on your nails over and over again? One surely does get tired of repeating the same thing over and over again. So how about you make yourself familiar with a lovely holographic nails trend? Yes, holographic nails and holographic chrome nails are the newest sensations in town and everyone is on top of the moon about it. It can add this special extra shine to your plain nail polish and simple nails. Saying that it’s sort of an advancement to the chrome nail art won’t be wrong because ultimately your nails appear glossier and shinier. Check out the simple guide below for purple holographic nails, it’s way too easy!

Full Purple Holographic Nail Art:

If you look at holographic nails from a distance, there’s no denial in the fact that you’ll be sort of hallucinating pearls on nails! But the real magic resides in the hologram powder used to create the magical effect.


  1.       To start a holographic nail art you don’t need a clear base coat but instead, you require a gel nail polish.
  2.       Apply gel polish on all your nails.
  3.       It’s a purple holographic nail tutorial, so you got to use purple nail polish as your base nail color.
  4.       Paint your each fingernail with dark purple nail polish. A single coat would do.
  5.       Next, you’ll need hologram powder. Dab it down on the nails with a sponge.
  6.       Now apply a coat of gel polish on your powdered nails again.
  7.       Let it dry and then see the amazing results for yourself!

It is a very attractive contemporary look that adds so much beauty to a simple nail color. You can also try it on short square cut-shape nails,  it’d look more wonderful.

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