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Rainbow Gradient

Drenched in rain and looking up to the sun rays waiting for the rainbow to appear, is what you often do in the rainy season! The winning sight of rainbow leaves you stunned. Of course, the nature’s beauty cannot be described in words. Creating a rainbow gradient on your nails is fun too! You’ll never want to look away from your nails if you successfully blend the seven colors into a gradient on your nails. Check out the step by step tutorial below:

Full Rainbow Gradient Nail Art:

If you have long nails then you have the option to use all the rainbow colors. In case you have short nails, add length to them or you can cut down the number of colors.


  1.       Start off with a clear protective base coat.
  2.       Apply white nail polish on the nails once the base coat dries. A single coat is enough. It is meant to enhance the rainbow colors.
  3.       Cut a piece of sponge (or you can use makeup sponge too) that is only a little larger than the size of your nails.
  4.       Now paint thin stripes of each rainbow color on a sponge in order; pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Make sure you do it real quick without letting the nail colors to dry.
  5.       Dab the sponge on the nails one by one, moving it up and down a little only to blend the colors with one another.
  6.       Clean the mess around your nails.
  7.       Finish off with a glossy top-coat. You can also use a glittery top-coat or even a matte top coat.

The gradient nail arts could be a mess, but the mess is worth it, especially this rainbow one!  You simply can’t resist trying this colorful rainbow gradient nail art. It’s way too easy and the juxtaposed colors give out beautiful invigorating vibes!

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