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Lexor: The Spa Brand You Need

Starting a new nail salon and spa? Or maybe you’re updating new pedicure chairs? Whatever it is, you need to shop. That is, you need infrastructure for your new project… Because you’re not just buying equipment. You’re also getting plumbing, electronics, and specialized furniture! For that – try Lexor.


This brand has as large following in the cosmetics market. They’re well-reviewed. Many spa owners “and private consumers” opt for Lexor, due to the wide range of products they offer… 

Such As?

This is what we’ll discuss today. Below is a list of Lexor products and “their variations”. Check out the list, then get to shopping!

#1 – Spa Chairs.

Obviously, you can’t operate a salon without “beautiful leather seats.” They’re necessary to keep your clients comfortable. But also, it helps you change their posture for different treatments. Lexor helps with that. It delivers a wide selection that’s $2000 to $3000 each! The higher the price, the better the aesthetics!

Starting With the Best.

At the top end of that range, you get the Prestige pedicure chair. It’s advertised with a beautiful creamy white color. It’s a feminine look, suitable for salons, while signifying luxury! Color aside, this chair’s design is sleek. It looks like a “classic sculpture” but in chair form!


You have a cheaper chair like the Versas model. It’s the cheapest in their lineup. Yet, it doesn’t fail to deliver. It comes with multiple colors, from black and cappuccino, to burgundy and acorn. And while less cushioned in design, it suits local spas well. You can get this budget chair, without worries about burning through your wallet!

#2 – Chairs & Stools.

Lexor brands those as “accessories.” Yet, they’re beautiful pieces of furniture. And they’re necessary to complete to the interior look of a luxury spa! Those chairs cost anywhere from $100 to $250. They include well-cushioned classic waiting chairs, and luxury customer chairs with a wheelbase!

Multiple Options.

There are many more chairs to list. You can get chairs with chic designs too. You can use them for an interior design that’s appealing to a youthful audience! Plus, you can get each chair with different color options. So you don’t have to worry about finding chairs you like in design, but hate in color! For example – the luxury chair mentioned earlier comes with 5 color options. There’s the standard “glazed gold.” But instead, you can opt for noir, opal, crimson, or glacial blue!

#3 – Storage.

Customer comfort matters. But so does your “storage.” Product storage makes up a large part of a spa/salon design. You need manicure stores, waste management, and polish racks. And they all have to look elegant. After all, they’re part of your business’ interior design! Lexor offers all those furniture options. They range from $200 to $1000 in price! And their furniture doesn’t stop at storage. It also includes tools for employees too! You also get “pedicure carts” and “reception desks.” And you need both to run a proper spa!

Consistent Design.

You’ll notice that as a common theme with Lexor’s furniture. They provide classical “wooden looks” that are either walnut or white colored. Both colors are professional. They also blend with a diverse range of color options, specifically neutral ones!

#4 – Infrastructure.

Design aside, you can’t forget what goes under your business. By that, we mean plumbing. You need to setup infrastructure that clears up and drains fast, while having a long life 

Why? Because you’re dumping hair and chemicals in there. And both are known as “major enemies” of plumbing works. Lexor helps out with that. They offer plumbing spare parts for your tools and infrastructure. You can get faucet sets, hoses, drain sets, and rubber connectors. You can easily replace the most worn out parts, and for cheap!

Don’t Forget the Electronics.

You need recliner parts for your salon chairs. Otherwise, how will they function? And how about “remote control replacements,” and “LED lights”? You need both for proper vision in your space. It helps employees do their job well. After all, you can’t light up a spa on incandescent bulbs! Lexor supplies all that. You get equipment electronic replacement, for chairs, water jets, remotes, and massage systems!

Build Your Spa Now.

Lexor offers you many payment options. You can do so by loans, or through a monthly payment plan. Buy Lexor products, and setup your business!


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