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Need a Credible Salon Supplier? Try Whale Spa!

Few furniture suppliers have the credentials of Whale Spa. It’s the ultimate supplier for nail care furniture. As a result, it has won the NAILPRO magazine 2017 Reader’s Choice Awards. Plus – it’s a brand with massive industry experience. Specifically, it has 28 years.

What This Means.

Whale Spa is a “veteran” in the pedicure world, and has survived the test of time. You see, 28 years is a long time in a fast-evolving niche. And this means Whale Spa has adapted well to evolution in Pedicure technology! In fact, its adaptability doesn’t stop here. Whale Spa is excellent at “client adaptation”! Today, we’ll show you how. We’ll give you an idea on what this “brand offers,” to your business!

#1 – Financial Guarantees.

Pedicure furniture is notoriously expensive. Single units cost anywhere from $2000 to $5000 (depending on the brand). So few offer financial guarantees or proper servicing… It’s just costly – and possibly harmful to profit margins. But Whale Spa is different. It offers a “money back guarantee” on all their products, plus an expert “technical support team”! So right away, you can be sure that your money is safe. You’re buying from a brand that’s quality in what it produces! But the advantages don’t stop with the money-back guarantees. After all, there are…

Flexible Payment Options.

Your payment terms are anywhere from 1 to 5 years! So comfortably, you can buy expensive items, and in bulk. And you can payback with less stress! Plus, the application you fill is electronic. And you get a response in about 2 hours, which means less delays setting up your spa! This is unlike many companies, needing days to check your request. And that’s inconvenient to say the least! Also, did we mention the multiple ways you can pay? You can pay by Wire Transfer, PayPal, Bank Deposit, Cashier Check, and almost all plastic cards (American Express is an exception). The diverse payment methods let you buy with ease. You now don’t need to struggle getting your money out of different accounts!

#2 – Offline Scouting.

Maybe you’re not a fan of online shopping. Maybe you need a “live showroom” to see what you’re buying… And that’s fair. After all, you’re setting up your salon by spending 5-6 digits. So you need to see what the end items look like… With Whale Spa, this is easy. This brand has showrooms in over 15 states! And this includes major ones, like Texas, California, Virginia, and Washington! That’s a showroom in 1/3 of US states! However, note that their HQ is in California – so you get a big advantage if you live there!

#3 – Diverse Price Ranges.

When judging a spa supplier, always look at their pedicure units first. And Whale Spa’s lineup doesn’t fail here. They have at least 10 pedicure units, with diverse price differences per unit. To give you an idea, the cheapest is $1200 (children’s chair), and the most expensive is $7500! So their chairs suit multiple markets. They suit different types of salons. And you can choose what fits your budget! But let’s get into the specifics. Let’s look at some of the chairs they offer…

Pure Portable Pedicure Chair - $2600.

By market standards, this is a low-end priced chair. And this makes it quite popular among many startups… This chair comes with 4-5 color options. And you can customize the “base color,” “stool color,” and leather pillows!

Excess Pedicure Chair - $7500.

This is the high end model we referred too. And the looks communicate that well…It looks like a chair you’d find in a luxury office. And that’s because it’s designed as equipment for luxury spas! It comes with an air vent system, and is mono-colored (using genuine Italian leather)! Plus, it comes with an iPad holder (optional), giving your customers more entertainment options!

It Doesn’t End Here…

Whale Spa isn’t just a pedicure unit supplier. They sell all kinds of salon furniture too! Their lineup contains dozens of items. It includes furniture for employees (stools, reception desks), and storage furniture (polish displays, spa carts). Plus – you have spare parts for your infrastructure, specifically the plumbing and electronics. There’s much to see, and you need time to explore their lineup. So be sure to visit their website, and learn more!


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