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Royal Blue With Naked Crescent

How long has it been since the nude nail art trend made its place in the hearts of many? It has been a very long time. Probably since the 1920s till this day the divine naked crescent manicures have been in the hands of many. Can you say it’s an old design? Certainly not. With more and more color upgrades, naked crescent nail designs are getting more modern. Especially, the color blue has been the color of honor and respect. Read on the step below and recreate royal blue nail art with a naked crescent.

Full Royal Blue With Naked Crescent Nail Art:


This is the only nail art design that has always been on the top list since it was introduced. It has never been out of fashion. It’s almost every lady’s favorite negative space nail art design. Other than royal blue, red color or bright orange looks fabulous too.


  1.       Prepare your nails first i.e. apply a protective base coat.
  2.       To create the negative space and make it look like a naked crescent, you’ll require circle shaped stickers (easily available in markets).
  3.       Attach the circle stickers such that they only cover a small area above the nail cuticles creating a half-moon shape.
  4.       Now apply royal blue nail paint on all your nails. Wait until it dries and then paint over a second coat.
  5.       Once the second coat has dried completely, take off the circle stickers.
  6.       With the help of detail nail art brush and same nail paint, draw a line (like that of the semi-circle) between the painted area and naked crescent. (refer to the picture)
  7.       Do apply a high shine top coat at the very end.

These naked nail arts have been a part of the catwalks for a very long time. They have become a trademark now. It’s a lovely vintage-classic nail art! Ready to make a naked half moon on your nails?

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