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Palm Leaves

Who’s in the tropical mood? Well, the question should be who isn’t. What are summers for after all? The perfect time to visit the beach and spend the time under the shade of cool palm tree. And that palm tree date wouldn’t be so comfy unless it has a lovely set of palm leaves. To keep up your tropical mood alive, did you think of trying out palm leaves nail art? Your palm leaves nails can add up more delight to your beach venture! Make your Palm Sunday a fun day. There is a step-by-step guide waiting for you below:

Full Palm Leaves Nail Art:

The touch of vibrant green on the leaves totally gives the true feeling of living a good time in tropics. The combination of colors is totally up to your choice. You can even use white or brown as the base nail color.


  1. Start your summer season nail art by applying a clear base coat.
  2. Choose a base nail color, here black nail color is used for base and two shades of green nail color for the palm leaves.
  3. Paint your nails with black nail polish.
  4. After it dries, draw palm leaves using a striper brush with white nail color. Make the line curve first and then paint the leaves.  (refer to the picture to mimic the design easily)
  5. Once it dries, paint the white palm leaves over with light green nail color.
  6. Now with a darker shade of green and striper brush, you have to put on some streaks on the palm leaves.
  7. Finish off the palm leaves nails with the smooth application of a top-coat on each nail.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your bikini, surfboard, and an umbrella and go find some tranquility at the sea but only after you’re done doing palm leaves nail art!

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