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Yellow With Jewels

Which is the most eye-catching neon color? Yellow! The terrific yellow color is found in so many chic handbags, accessories, and fancy dresses. The reason is that it adds up magnificence to your personality. This is the best choice for the boho chic girls who always are in search of cool, funky yet charming nail art designs. Yellow nail art with jewels might sound like an intricate one to recreate or you might feel the need of rushing to a nail art professional, but really there’s no need at all. Just follow the following steps and you’ll be done!

Full Yellow with Jewels Nail Art:

This is a mosaic inspired horizontal nail art, created with jewels. Three bright colors are used to create a colorful impact. A perfect nail art for the fashion forward girls having a striking taste in nail art. The very basic neon color is used as the base; yellow.


  1.       Take the clear base coat to apply it on nails as a protective base.
  2.       Paint two coats of yellow nail polish on your fingernails.
  3.       Once the yellow nail color dries, paint over high shine top coat.
  4.       You’ll need studs for nails to utilize them as jewels. Attach the studs first on the nails vertically in the center of each nail. The arrangement order is up to you. (or you can refer to the picture for it)
  5.       Use a detail brush to paint the studs with the nail colors you would like to. Here, purple, green and pink are used.
  6.       Let the color on studs dry. It’d take longer than usual.
  7.       To secure the yellow nail art with jewels, apply a high shine top coat at the end again.

Colored studs and neon yellow color juxtaposed together; absolutely marvelous look for fingernails. It's a must try!

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