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White Delicate Floral Tips

Getting the same old manicure sounds too boring.  Give yourself a break! Take a day off and make some time from your busy schedule for your nails. You’re about to discover the secret to carry graceful and delicate nails. The secret lies in the step-to-step guide for the white delicate floral nail tips! This lovely floral nail art is for the wedding days, the lunch dates, the family meetings, the formal office meeting and not just that but also for an elegant photo shoot! As a to-be-bride, fantasize the groom putting the wedding ring on your ring finger, and its nail blooming in the floral white tip!

Full White Delicate Floral Tips:

Get your nails a polished fancy look on the day you need to mark your glamor. Without calling in for a professional or spending money at a salon you can make yourself comfortable at home and get your nail tips a charming manicure. You can use pale pink too as the base coat for this manicure.


  1.       Just like a typical french manicure, start your nail art by applying a clear base coat on your nails.
  2.       Now stick crescent-shaped nail guides to your nails for perfect nail tips.
  3.       Paint white nail polish on the nail tips carefully.
  4.       Remove the nail guides patiently, once the nail tips dry out.
  5.       Make two asterisk signs with pink nail color near the tip of the ring fingernail. (refer to the picture)
  6.       Paint five V-shaped petals around the pink asterisk with white nail polish. (refer to the picture)
  7.       Finish off with a top-coat.

What sort of nail art could be more beautiful for a bridesmaid or the bride herself than this delicate one? The unique white nail tips with exquisite flowers bring a bundle of peace and love to you! Love all and spread peace!

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