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T-Spa: What Do Their Products Offer You?

They offer a lot. They’re a supplier of “high-tech” and “comfortable furniture.” And both are what you need for a successful salon business! But let’s get into specifics. Today, we’ll outline the catalogue of this supplier. Check out the list, then start your shopping!

First – Main Product.

T-Spa is primarily a massage chair supplier. And oddly enough, they only have “1 model.” This being…

The iREST A33.

The first thing you’ll notice is the price tag. It’s a $3250 massage chair. This is a fair price. It falls in the lower-end of massage chair prices (which are anywhere from $1000 to $9000)… However, $3250 is a walloping price for a chair. So the A33 should have features that justify the price tag. And indeed, it does!

Such As?

Let’s start with color. You can get this chair as red, black, or cream. They work well with varying décor styles. And specifically cream/black, which are neutral. So they mesh with all forms of interior design! Colors aside, there’s also the “target market.” This chair works for people up to 130KG (286 lbs.). So you can be quite obese, and this chair will accommodate you. And how can the chair accommodate such weight? It does so with its padding. From a simple glance, you can tell this chair is designed for comfort. It’s actually in a class that normally costs $5000+. So in terms of comfort – it’s worthwhile. However, there’s still technology to explore…

Massage Functionality.

This chair comes with 3D technology. That is, its rollers operate at multiple angles. So you can get a deep massage from this chair, easily controlling its pressure! If you’re setting up a salon – any customer will appreciate this feature. In fact, you can make it a selling point that attracts customers! But beyond the massage, this chair has other comforts. It comes with heating, arm air bags, and stretches for waists and legs!

Second – Package Deals.

This company doesn’t just offer massage chairs. It also sells pedicure chairs/units! And it doesn’t just sell them in single pieces. It actually has massive “bulk discounts,” depending on your salon size! To give you an idea…

2 Year Warranty

It’s an offer for Pedicure chairs. Each one costs $2500, which is fair by market standards. When buying 2, the third is free. And you pay $5000 for the total offer. And this means you get each chair for $1666! That’s extremely cheap for pedicure unit prices. Plus, if you check out the offer, you’ll find that it comes with a “2 year warranty.” So you pay less for more, and you get long-term repair too!

Furniture Package Deal.

As is obvious, T-Spa manufactures “salon furniture too.” They make nail tables, customer chairs, technician chairs and pedicure stools! You can get the previous items (plus a pedicure unit), all for $2150. And this is little to pay for a 3-4 piece set! It’s an offer that works best for smaller salons. If your business is more of a local startup, then explore this option!

Massive Offers.

For larger salons, you can explore something that’s in the range of “$30,000.” And this includes 50-70 furniture piece sets. Obviously, offers like that are for large and established salons. It’s also for businesses with multiple branches!

Third – Accessories.

Did you know that T-Spa styles its “cheaper chairs” as accessories? And here, we’re not talking about stools or chairs with legs. We’re still looking at pedicure units and massage chairs! In the accessories section, you can get items from $900 to $1500. You can get extremely cheap salon options! If you’re a budgeter, this is a cost-effective measure. And it’s much better than the package deals we mentioned! But maybe you’re interested in normal chairs. If so…

Fourth – Nail Furniture.

That’s the category that lists them. There, chairs are sold as singles or pairs. And they cost anywhere from $70 to $360! They also come with a variety of colors and styles. So you can truly pick what suits your taste and décor!

Time to Shop.

T-Spa has a large shop, many packages, and an amazing lineup. We recommend taking the time to explore their website, while planning your salon! For all of Tspa products, click here


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