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Top 10 Summer Bedding Plants

Many times, weather change completely transforms the look of your home garden making it go dull and tenuous. Flowers add a different grace to your garden but unfortunately, those who blossom well in winters, dry down in the summers. Nature sometimes acts evil however it also provides the alternates to cope with the situation. If you are a real garden lover who just can't live starting the day with the colorful flowers and chirping birds, you really don't need to lose hope. Don't worry if you see summers coming as we have the solution for you. Here we have listed the top 10 summer bedding plants which will again make your surrounding as dense and fill your mood with the colors of happiness.

  1.      Begonia

Suitable for beds, hanging baskets, borders, and window boxes, Begonias are renowned for their large, flamboyant blooms. They come in almost every color shade and are among the most versatile summer bedding plants. Although their ability to face the sun is enormous, you can also keep them in the semi-shaded areas. They usually take their average height ranging from 20-24 inches and can handle the dry weather situations very easily.

  1.      Sweet Peas

Just scatter their seeds in the bare soil and let them grow beautifully up to 6 feet. Sweet peas grow excellently in summers and need limited water to attain their full-growth. These climbers need trellis or net for their support and mesmerize anyone with their light fragrance. They survive well in the sun and can also be grown in the semi-shaded regions. If you are looking for covering the borders and the beds, try for dwarf sweet peas and allow them to form a fabulous ground cover with their thick leaves and flowers.

  1.      Busy Lizzie

Try the Busy Lizzie for a healthy, vigorous display and get the tension of hot weather out of your mind. Elegant flowers of this plant produce the remarkable beauty in the color shades of pink, red, purple and white. They are well known for their characteristics of an extended flowering period and are best suited for filling out the beds and borders. They grow flawlessly in the summers and spread rapidly to fill the charm.

  1.      Geranium

These sun-loving, sturdy plants are ideal for dry conditions and hot weathers. They can grow well almost in any pattern and are the best fit for obelisks, hanging baskets, beds, borders, and patio containers. Primarily available in contrast shades of pink, red and white, geranium plants are also available in the marvelous shades of rich burgundy, apricot, and lilac. With almost negligible subsistence and attention, these plants take their average height ranging from 5 inches (dwarf) to 2 feet (tall).

  1.      Antirrhinum

Much known for their well-shaped flower spikes and comparatively long flowering period, Antirrhinums have fascinating flowers with the resemblance to the dragon face that open up when laterally squeezed. These plants are available in the broad range of vibrant and strong colors that grow pretty well in the dry and warm season. Children love to play with them but beware, keep an eye as these nectar-filled bedding plants attract bees and bumble bees around.

  1.      Lobelia

The flowers of lobelia are lovely climbers that efficiently form the waterfall-like pattern with their magical colors. They grow pretty well in baskets and love to spread freely in all directions. With their capability to bloom any summer bedding scheme, lobelia come in the bright shades of blue, purple and white. Considerably, they thrive best in the sunlight and can save you liters of water.

  1.      Petunia

Popular for their large-diameter flowers, petunias are hard to resist. They grow in the wide range of bright colors having the different patterns, stripes, and picotees. With the amazing ability to tolerate harsh conditions and super dry weather, they survive even if your water them once in a week. They love to face the sun directly and need at least five hours of direct sunlight on a daily basis.

  1.      Rudbeckia

Also known as the Annual rudbeckias or the coneflowers, they are most cheerful and robust garden bedding plants for the months of July to October. With the color combinations of yellow, orange and little red, they look so live and surprising that you can't control yourself touching them. Rudbeckia 'Toto', the compact varieties are best suited for beds and patio containers while Rudbeckia 'Cherry Brandy,' the tall ones perform correctly when planted on borders or between perennials and shrubs. Not only they look excellent in the garden, but you can also take them to an indoor vase to decorate your living room.

  1.      Californian Poppy

You just can't beat the vibrant colors of Californian poppy. Traditionally they were orange, but the recent breeding has blessed the flower lovers with the new shades of yellows, reds, pinks, and apricot. Simply scatter their seeds over the dry soil patches in the full sun conditions and enjoy them making their own way year after year. They experience every season and adjust themselves accordingly               

  10.      Cosmos

They are from the family of sunflowers who love to stand in the heat and admire to grow with almost no efforts. Cosmos is one of the fabulous summer beddings available in the shades of white, red and pink; but if you love to see them in yellow, orange and red combinations, go for its next ultimate variety of Cosmos sulphureus. The nectar-full flowers of this plant attract a variety of bees and insects forming a local ecosystem in your area with a bunch of birds chirping for its beauty.

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