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Daiwa Orbit 3D Massage Chair

Brand: Daiwa
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The Daiwa Orbit 3D massage chair offers whole-body wellness based on advanced engineering. The Orbit delivers a professional massage and has advanced features like heat and zero-gravity positioning. Get a break from stress, treat chronic pain and revive while lounging in a chair that takes up little space and looks great.

      • Daiwa Orbit massage chair L-track systemL-Track Shape

        The Daiwa Orbit features an extra-long, L-Shaped Massage Track that runs from the top of the shoulders to the bottom of the hamstrings. Unlike most other luxury massage chairs, whose S-Shaped Massage Track limits reach to the backrest only, the Daiwa Orbit offers a supreme full-body massage experience.

      • Daiwa Orbit massage chair in zero gravity stageZero Gravity

        Daiwa Orbit 3D shifts the recline angle, which evenly distributes your body weight and reduces pressure on joints and bodies. You will experience a floating sensation that, over time, reduces chronic pain. Position 1: Removes all stress on the muscles to achieve a weightless environment. Position 2: Further elevates the legs above the position of the heart.

      • Daiwa Orbit Bluetooth speakersBluetooth Speakers

        High-quality compact speakers are mounted above the shoulder massagers and aim at your ears for a surround-sound experience. Connect to Bluetooth compatible devices to play your favorite music or guided meditation. Keep your devices charged with the convenient USB charging port.

      • Daiwa Orbit adjustable shoulder padsAdjustable Shoulder Pads

        With a simple adjustment, the massaging shoulder pads can accommodate larger arms and shoulders for maximum effect. No other massage chair on the market offers this adjustment, which works by swiveling the pad up, allowing it to target the large muscles at the top of the arm. When inflated, they push firmly against the shoulder on either side.

      • Daiwa orbit has deep tissue massageDeep Tissue Massage

        Get a deep tissue massage with our advanced roller system. Our rollers have been engineered to therapeutically touch every contour of your back. Relieve pain and anxiety and restore balance to your life. With tapping, knocking, kneading, and shiatsu options, get the feeling of a personal masseuse every time our roller touches you back.

      • Daiwa Orbit has built-in smart Android appSmart App

        The Daiwa Orbit 2 App is available on the Google Play store and Apple App store and connects wirelessly to your chair using Bluetooth. Use the app to access the controls, including activating manual and automatic massage programs, targeting massage to different parts of your body, or varying the massage type and intensity.

      • Daiwa Orbit has 48 air bagsAir Bag Massage

        Built into the massage chair are 42 airbags that rhythmically inflate and deflate during your massage session. These airbags gently stretch muscles to melt tension, improve circulation, and ease body fatigue. Airbags are located on the shoulders, around the arms, and even under the thighs and calves to apply a full-body stretch.

      • Daiwa Orbit's 3d massage rollers3D Massage Rollers

        The Orbit 2 features a next-generation 3D massage rollers. The rollers move in and out, which allows you to select from one of 5 intensity levels on how deep or light your massage is. The rollers follow the contour of your spine for consistent pressure throughout your massage.

      • Daiwa Orbit massage chair's leg extensionLeg Extension

        The Daiwa Orbit 2 massage chair features a manual, spring-loaded, leg extension. The footrest slides in and out up to 5.5 inches to ensure a comfortable experience for users of almost any height.

      • Daiwa Orbit foot rollersFoot Rollers

        The double reflexology foot roller stimulates reflexology zones on your feet. Targeting these acupressure points can increase overall relief to every part of the body.

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