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    Fluorescent Flamingo

    Fluorescent Flamingo

    Pink pink pink! Does pink remind you of the enchanting flamingos? Can you stand on your one leg for a long long time? You certainly can’t, can you? But these beautiful creatures, known as the flamingos can stand! This nail art is exclusively for the lovers of sea birds. Don’t think of flamingos as swans. Flamingos are associated with Miami because they are sure to give you the tropical vibes too despite they’re found at the zoo.  If you fancy those elegant pink flamingos and don't find any at the sea nearby then don’t worry. Here’s what you can do; get a fluorescent flamingo nail art!

    Full fluorescent flamingo nail art:

    The pinker a flamingo, the more fit it means it is. This is why in this tutorial pink nail colors are chosen. However, you can always select any other color.


    1.       Start with the basic step, which is applied a clear base coat on your nails.
    2.       You’ll need three colors, out of which one has to be white. Over here, the flamingo is painted with a baby pink and a darker pink hue.
    3.       Apply baby pink, white and darker pink nail polish on your index, middle and ring, and small finger respectively.
    4.       Use a dotting tool to put up polka dots on the index fingernail with white nail color.
    5.       Use a striper brush to create zig-zag line design with baby pink and dark pink nail color on ring fingernail.
    6.       Just like a child makes a duck out of “2”, with the help of striper brush make a 2 in the top center of your middle fingernail with dark pink nail color. Fill it out. (refer to the picture)
    7.       Now draw the flamingo’s legs and beak with baby pink nail color.
    8.       Add some streaks of white nail color in the body of flamingo to make it look like its flaps.
    9.       Finish off with a top coat.

    If you’d like to create the flamingo on all of your fingernails then don’t hesitate to give it a try!

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