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    Coral Starfish

    Coral Starfish

    Heading for the seaside in the morning and can’t find a nice nail art to do? Now you don’t have to wait anymore for another boho chic summer nail art tutorial. Here’s a super cute nail art that you won’t regret putting on your nails, the coral starfish nail art. This marvelous nail art is awesome for a beach party and for your adventure trip to the depths of the ocean. True that the coral starfishes are wild and mighty but at the same time they appear magnificent! One can’t help but have a commendable glance at the coral starfish. To know how to recreate the exclusive coral starfish nail art, check out the guidelines below.

    Full Coral Starfish Nail Art:

    The colors used are exceptionally marvelous portraying the real coral starfish moving near the reefs. You can also dare to try this cute nail art on your toenails too. The exclusive white polka dots enhance the beauty of the overall design.


    1.       Start by  applying a protective base coat on the nails.
    2.       You can use a glittery/shimmery/sequin sea blue (or any other shade of blue) nail color as the base nail color.
    3.       Paint the nails with sequin sea blue nail color. Apply two coats on each nail.
    4.       Using a striper brush, paint stars on the nails keeping your hand lose with tangerine nail color. (refer to the picture)
    5.       With a help of dotting tool, paint dots inside the starfish using white nail color.
    6.       Finish off coral starfish’s look with a high shine top coat! 

    Do follow the steps given above and create this fabulous coral starfish nail art on your pretty long nails. It doesn’t matter if your nails are short, this nail art would look splendid on nails of every length and cut. Start admiring the oceanic wildlife!

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