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    Tips For Buying Pedicure Chairs

    Tips For Buying Pedicure Chairs

    A large number of clients look forward to relaxing at a beauty salon for a few hours after a hectic day at work. If your customers aren’t comfortable in your salon, it is obvious that they will leave for a better salon despite all the hard work you put into the job. The beauty market is diverse and varies for all kinds of beauty salon today. Gone are the days when just one kind of seat was used in all beauty salons for all beauty purposes.

    As a business owner and a provider of health and beauty treatments, it is your civic duty to ensure that your customers enter a safe space for relaxation, totally free from the risks of infection. A high-quality, well-padded spa chair is fine; however, it is an increasing trend for businesses to offer chairs that have additional amenities such as magazine racks, cup holders for beverages, and so on.

    These days, there are many enticing ergonomic designs that can enhance the beauty of your salon while providing superior comfort for your customers. With the many advancements made in beauty salons, spa chairs are now manufactured to suit different services.


    great spa chair is such an impressive equipment to impress your clients. Any customer who comes in for pedicures would expect to feel comfortable in a chair. The chair in your salon should be both comfortable and beautiful; it should also be soft enough to offer great support for your clients. When your clients sit in a chair like this, they get a welcoming experience. Just make sure you get the right spa chair that suits the décor of your salon.


    Before buying a spa chair, there are a few things you need to consider. They are:

    1. Price

    The prices of spa chairs vary depending on the brand, the seller, the style, and other features. If you are to buy online, make sure you ask the seller to make a discount for the overall cost, including the packing cost, delivery, and quantity. Keep in mind that spa chairs are heavy set of equipment, meaning the cost of delivery will be incurred. Also make sure you don’t fall victim to cheap stuff; there is no true quality in cheap items.

    2. Brand

    There is a variety of brands that produce spa chair. Some offer a luxury package while others are equipped with remarkable features. All you need to know is that a known name is no guarantee for a high-quality product. If the known brand name produces a chair that is below standard, then you should opt for the one of real quality.

    You should also be aware that quality varies depending on the manufacturers. There are different sellers out there offering distinctive process which may not reflect the quality of what they are selling. Some are over charged with low quality while others with the same quality have lesser price. It is very important to speak with the spa specialist so they can offer what best suits your interest and budget.

    3. Design

    Spa chairs come in a variety of styles and materials. When you shop, consider the different materials like fiberglass, glass or wood used. Because of the diverse models, it is expedient that you pick the one that will best suit the interior décor of your salon. For instance, if you have wooden interiors then you may opt for the wood series. The seats in this style are designed with wooden parts to emit a comfortable and cozy appearance.

    Traditional spa chairs are also available. While there are models that are a bit larger and some are space-saving. If your spa has a contemporary look, they you should get a modern chair that will fit the surrounding. The beauty of this chair will tell on the interior decoration of your nail salon. The different colors of these chairs will also match the surrounding as well.

    4. Style

    Another thing to consider while looking for a spa chair is the different brand styles that are available on the market. New chairs are designed to make each individual feel pampered to the core. There are ones made of leather materials which offer full comfort and support to customers. Remember to keep your budget in mind and stick to your initial price as well as the number of chairs required for your salon.

    You as the owner of the salon can customize spa chairs to suit your personal taste. Doing this means you will have the opportunity to purchases this product directly from the right supplier. Customizing your spa chair covers for everything including the color, style, material, and design. This will even increase the level of attention your clients will give to your business.

    After deciding on which spa chair to use in your beauty salon, make sure you purchase one that delivers the best service to clients. This is of great importance because the comfort level of your clients is highly dependent on your spa chair. And, whichever one you settle on will have a say in the future of your establishment.

    In the real sense, any business owner who wants to really expand his/her business in order to cater to numerous clients will have to get several spa seats to accommodate multiple customers. Finally, choosing the right chair for your nail salon should be done carefully and with a lot of thought. Since they are bulky products, it will be difficult to replace or exchange if you realize that you wanted something else.

    5. Consider Buying Online

    The internet has made things so easy for us that we just have to consider online shopping as an option when buying your chair. Depending on your needs and the requirements of clients, there are low-priced products that are offered by a number of great dealers. Just search online and you will get a wide range of chairs with different designs and color.

    There are a number of online retailers that will the chair set up and ready in no time. More importantly, shopping online means you will have huge savings that might not be found in your local store. Just make sure to compare different products features and prices so that you get what you get within your budget.

    6. Material

    The material used in making the chair is another factor you have to consider as well. Try to purchase one with materials that can be easily cleaned and maintained. Sometimes, the facial chairs and stools are sold together; this means you have to purchase for your beautician as well. If you decide on high-tech chairs, opt for one designed with black leather, this will beautify the ambience of the salon. Getting this will eventually attract customers to your parlor.

    7. Pipe-free Jet (optional)

    A pipe-free jet system is another optional feature to decide on. These systems are very powerful and may harbor bacteria if not properly cleaned and maintained. With a without pipe framework, the fly is for the most part expelled for cleaning which spares time and bother.

    8. Massage Feature (optional)

    Nowadays, there are chairs with massage feature. Though, this isn’t entirely necessary; however, it is a feature that can lure customers especially those that love being pampered. Most pedicure chairs don’t have this feature, so buying one with this feat means you are streamlining your competitors.

    9. Comfort

    A pedicure spa chair is meant to be comfortable as well as make your salon look elegant and beautiful. This goes for all kinds of chairs! They should set the atmosphere and ambiance of your spa or salon. This is particularly important if you intend offering facial series in your salon. The padded armrest and backrest will help your clients relax better as they can be easily reclined according to the taste of the client during the procedure.

    Choosing the right spa chair is one of the best ways to attract new clients and retain existing ones. It is also a great way to raise more funds for your salon. Just make sure you follow these few guidelines and buy nothing but the best irrespective of how high or low your budget is.

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