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    Eating right food helps grow beautiful nails

    Eating right food helps grow beautiful nails

    A hand with 10 beautiful and healthy nails is a dream of the ladies in the “beauty conquering”. To have a healthy nails, the simplest and most effective way is taking care of them from the inside, by eating the foods that have rich protein, vitamin and minerals.


    Fruit have plenty of vitamins that support the health of the nails. They are also varied to choose, perfect as snack or dessert. Some provides the necessary vitamins such as dried blueberries/dried tangerines/dried berries provided vitamin A, kiwi with vitamin C and bananas with vitamin B6. Blueberries, grapes, black grapes also contain a lot of anti-oxidants good for health.


    Vegetables provide a lot of vitamins and minerals required for a strong and healthy nails. Sweet potatoes, carrots and dark green vegetables such as cauliflowers and asparagus contain a high vitamin A. Carrots also have vitamin B6, while spinaches and other green vegetables bring calcium, iron, and other antioxidants. Iron is an important mineral, as if lack of it, the nails will be crooked.


    Beer and barley wine are the two products made from cereals containing vitamin B complexes – biotin and protein, which help strengthen nails. Many cereals contain carbohydrate complex, an active ingredient that works with vitamins and minerals to form strong nails. Brown rices, oats, rye and buckwheat are also rich of vitamins A & B. The type of barley yeast used to make bread also provides a great deal of vitamins of group V and zinc.


    Eggs contain proteins and nutrition providing the energy for the body, which are also important for healthy nails. Eggs also have vitamins A, E and Calcium. Yolk is also a great choice for low calories and fat meal.

    Meat products

    All lean meat products are good and necessary for a healthy body. Calf livers and ovaries contain iron, proteins and biotin – all needed for a strong set of nails. High amount of protein and iron can also be found in meat from cattle such as cow.


    For vegetarians or simply for those who avoid eating too much meat, soya and beans family is another source of great amount of protein for a balance nutrition meal. Soya is rich of biotin, while lentils are excellent choice to supplement vitamin B6 and amino acid sulphide.

    Besides, the diet should be supplemented with rich zinc foods –a nutrient plays an important role in the formation of connective tissues, such as oysters, radishes, old copra, etc.

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