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    How to retain clients in nail salons

    How to retain clients in nail salons

    Understand the customers

    You should understand the reason that customers come to you, pay for you is you can provide the service they need. Saying straightforwardly, the customers only care about themselves. If they have what they need, they will continue to come to yo;, if you cannot provide it, they will leave you IN SILENCE.

    You should continue to understand their needs, what they think, what they want. Products, services and the market trend always change and their tastes will change accordingly.

    Be humble

    If your nail salon owns a good reputation, loved by clients, received compliments from many people (congratulations!), keep going! Try to do your best to not let your clients down.

    A complacent person in his or her work achievement often creates the feeling of “contemptuous attitude" towards the opposite persons. Your customers pay you to serve them, take care of them, not to despise them.

    You should keep yourself humble even though your nail salon is at the forefront. You should remember that many competitors are chasing after you. Always think that you are in second place and you always try to reach to the first.

    Carefully monitor your manicurists

    Your manicurists are the ones serve your customers directly. All their action, behaviors, serving approaches reflect the salon’s serving style. There are many times because of different reasons the manicurists lose the love of the customers accidently. You should carefully monitor them to remind them work professionally.

    Upgrade working skills

    In the market, customers are divided into different categories, the “means” takes about 10% of the total numbers. Those people look for the cheapest place: whenever they find a cheaper one, they will come there right away. The “conservative” accounts for about 10%. These people once liked a salon, a particular manicurist, they will loyal to the salon and absolute no way you can lure them to yours. These two groups are difficult to invite, hard to get, hard to satisfy, and it is almost no way to entice them to you. HOWEVER, there are 80% of guests in BETWEEN, of whom you should focus on attracting.

    They are willing to pay extra for value services. They love new things.

    Thus, enhancing your skills, bringing new designs to your salon, enhancing the value of your service is the way to keep 80% of customers in the market.

    Keep the relationship

    According to a study from Harvard University, increasing 5% loyal customers will increase the profit from 25% to 95%. The most effective method to keep the customers is developing a good relationship with them, taking care of their concerns and hobbies. Most importance, you have to let them know that you care for them.

    The result of our survey at different nail salons shows that 99% of the nail salons do not know any way to create the relationship with customers. That is a pity with the lost money a nail salon could earn. Do you know that building and keeping a good relationship with customers is not that expensive, there are even free but effective ways like FACEBOOK, EMAIL.

    Through the survey, we also learned about 2 main reasons that most of nail salons do not keep in touch with the clients:

    Afraid of bothering clients:

    Perhaps we have seen a lot of ads ourselves every day that we develop aversion to it. Thus, we conclude that our customers do not like to be bothered by our email or our Facebook posts. It is true that you will bother your customers if you continue to send them the cheap and unvalued COUPONs.

    Here we will instruct you, the 2nd class members, the way that the customers not only feel unbothered but also love you more.

    English is not good enough:

    This is the second reasons that most of us are aware. We always busy with filing, and taking care of hundred things in our salon; thus, we could not have our minds to think, to write.

    To keep our customers, you have to give them what they want, to create nice surprises to them with new and interesting services, also you need to let them understand the values you provide them.

    If you need the support to develop your salons in a most practical way, join our MY NAIL SALON 2nd class members, in which you will:

    Learn how to communicate in English with clients

    Enhance your technical skills and drawing techniques (easier to earn money)

    Receive PR materials that your customers love

    Have answers to all questions in a nail salon

    Receive guidance on electrical techniques, internet to keep contact with clients (free)

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