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    Holiday Present Manicure

    Holiday Present Manicure

    Gifts and presents are probably the first love of everyone. Apart from the festivities held on holidays all the year long, have you thought of giving your nails a look of a wrapped present? This might sound weird but true to the facts, it looks pretty endearing. While you decorate your home and your backyard with ornaments, flutes and pretty decorations, you should try this nail art and dress your nails up like a present too. All it’s going to take is a bit of cutting and dotting.

    Full Holiday Present Manicure Design

    Are you a crafty person? Even if you’re not it doesn’t matter because making a tiny cute bow is not a very difficult task. Anyone can do that easily. Play with the ribbon for a bit and come up with a nice little bow to embellish your ring fingernail with it at the end of your manicure. Check out the  steps below:


    1.       Start by applying base coat on all your nails.
    2.       Choose a solid color to apply on all the nails. Here, light grayish nail color is used for a sophisticated  present manicure look.
    3.       Use a striper brush to create a line right in the center of your nails with white nail color.
    4.       You can paint any kind of extra detail you want to. Like, in this one tiny dots with black nail color are there.
    5.       End your nail painting session with the top-coat application on all the nails.
    6.       Make a small crafty bow of white ribbon having black polka dots.
    7.       Apply nail glue to the cuticle of your ring fingernail and attach the crafty bow to it.

    Isn’t the idea of gluing a real bow to your nail the best part of this holiday present manicure? Anyone who’ll see your nails will be completely awestruck by the sight of it, so do indulge in creating this awesome nail art.



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